Brick-Pack offers next generation Quad Seal Technology to fully optimise packaging on shelf.

Designed with ultimate convenience in mind Brick-Pack offers great portability, with multiple handle options as well as easy cut and pour features.

The brick like format provides 30% material reduction when compared with more traditional quad seal bags. So, with Brick-Pack you can fill bags with more product, improving efficiency and cutting costs, while optimising storage and distribution.

Unique “BRICK” bag format
Comes with top or side handle
6 graphic panels
Sealing is optional
  • Ultrasonic or heat sealing possible
Brick Pack Law Print & Packaging
Efficiency Saving
Graphic Panels

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[us_testimonial style=”2″ author=”Luke Cummins” company=”Sales Manager” img=”5441″]Over the past 12 months our team have been busy developing a fantastic new product to satisfy the current demands on manufacture.

Feedback from the end consumer has been extremely positive, with many finding the Brick-Pack more convenient, easier to transport and store at home. [/us_testimonial]