Sports nutrition is an umbrella term, encompassing many different products from protein powders to nutrition bars and health supplements.

Traditionally, protein powders and supplements packaging have focused solely on large plastic tubs. However, more recently, the number of sports nutrition companies switching to flexible packaging solutions has soared.

Now, a huge amount of sports nutrition products come in a variety of packaging solutions. The most common choices being stand up pouches and flat bottom bags, as well as plastic or paper laminated films.

Compared to tubs, pouches are now undeniably seen as a more modern packaging solution. In addition to being practical and cost effective, they save space and allow for increased branding. Flat bottom bags also bring added stability. It’s safe to assume these benefits are why flexible packaging solutions are now a preferred choice by packers and consumers.

However, with many of these sports nutrition packaging solutions coming with added features like re-sealable zippers and spouts, many consumers are unsure, where or even if, it is possible to recycle this type of packaging and because of this, it ultimately ends up in the bin.

This contributes to the ever-growing plastic problem, especially as the UK is one of the largest and most established sports nutrition markets (particularly in Europe).


Fortunately, there are now programmes that can recycle these materials. So, if your company or consumers have ever asked where they can recycle their packaging and you didn’t have the answer, you can see it below…



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All performance nutrition packets and packaging can be recycled using the TerraCycle Zero Waste Box.

The Zero Waste Box was developed by TerraCycle to provide the first ever comprehensive recycling solution for everyday consumer waste. With over 100 different boxes to choose from, there’s one that fits almost every need.

The Zero Waste Box accepts a range of hard-to-recycle items and plastic packaging material. Including (but not limited to) ingredients packaging, packaging for dried products, drink mix packaging and wrappers.

The only slight downside? Unlike many of TerraCycles other programmes, The Zero Waste Box isn’t free. However, it is currently the only system available for recycling a range of performance nutrition packaging.

If you are an avid gym-goer, perhaps you can split the costs with your fitness-fanatic friends. Alternatively, you could encourage your company to get a box for the office, so that colleagues can bring packaging in at the end of use.  Another worthwhile idea is to mention the programme to your gym and see if this is something, they might invest in.

If none of the above are an option, it might just be a case of waiting for TerraCycle to come up with a free solution. Although there’s no saying how long that will take, given the size of the sports nutrition industry, it’s possible that this is something they could already be working on.

However, we heavily encourage that you opt for this environmentally sound solution, after all, you can’t put a price on the planet!

You can find the TerraCycle Zero Waste Box in a range of sizes here

You can also check your local recycling options by entering your postcode here.

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