Print & Packaging Management


Packaging Design

We help you choose the right packaging specifications, materials, designs and translations


Global Access

Access to a global pool of high quality and accredited manufacturers of flexible packaging. Freedom and flexibility to source the packaging you want, wherever you want


Quality Control

Our quality controllers ensure that the packaging we supply consistently meets your expectations in terms of both construction and appearance


International Logistics

We closely monitor the packaging production process at every stage and ensure that it arrives on time via our dedicated logistics operations

Punch Out Handle Bag

Your own dedicated flexible packaging supplier

Small and medium sized businesses

Just starting out? Expanding? Improving? Want to lower costs? We work with many owner-run businesses to manage the risk and complexity of packaging from concept to the shelf. We give you access to a dedicated team and a wealth of experience that can save you from having to employ people or pay for costly mistakes. Because we have established relationships and volume buying power, we are able to access prices and services that are not readily available to the market. We deal with the technicalities so that you can focus on your business.

Larger organisations

Launching new lines? Want to lower costs? Want to lower risk? We work with a number of large organisations, procurement managers and buyers to evaluate existing packaging supply chains and seek better alternatives. Many larger organisations review their flexible packaging suppliers on an annual basis and are under pressure to deliver more for less. Our expertise allows us to identify efficiency and cost savings that result in improved value for money. Even where your current packaging supply is well established, we can provide a range of quotes that will help you to understand where your current supply sits in the market.

Our Services

Design Consultancy

Expert advice on flexible packaging formats, technicalities and print processes


Artwork Preparation

We prepare packaging artwork to be optimised for print processes used in flexible packaging manufacture

Reprographic Service

We provide ready to print designs for the correct print process


Packaging Translation

We provide packaging legislation and translation services

Format Optimisation

We offer expertise on flexible packaging formats and features

Material & Manufacturing Experts

We advise on material specifications and manufacturing requirements


Print & Colour Management

We offer high quality print and guarantee range consistency by working to X-rite standards


Pre- and Post-press Quality Management

We manage packaging supply from brief all the way to delivery


Supply Chain Logistics

We carefully manage lead times and international logistics

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Bespoke Product Packaging

We can help you to create custom product packaging,  your way, while at the same time cutting your costs and risk.

Flat Bottom Bag Law Print Pack


Whether your product is new, changing or extending, we can help with bespoke label design, packaging artwork and label technicalities.

Manufacture and production

We source cost effective packaging materials and put them into production. We have a network of domestic and overseas factories allowing us to deliver cost effective solutions on time.



Your bespoke packaging will be shipped efficiently and for low cost. Our in-house systems and expertise allow us to make sure your packing is where it needs to be, on time, taking the pressure away from your delivery timescales.

Packaging Supply Chain Review

Review all or part of your packaging supply chain for free

Save time and money through lower supply costs and efficiency

Improve the quality standards and the consistency of your packaging

Wealth of flexible packaging knowledge and expertise in your corner, when you need it

Law Print & Packaging conduct an annual packaging supply review at no extra cost

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Good packaging protects your product, great packaging protects your brand

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