Recyclable & Sustainable Packaging

Taking those first steps towards changing your product range to recyclable & sustainable packaging can be much easier when you choose Law Print to guide you through the process.

Plastic packaging has long been considered a convenient option rather than a sustainable one, however, Law Print launched a range of recyclable mono material plastic packaging solutions to change that.


High strength laminated PE/PE or CPP/OPP structure providing a recyclable plastic solution.

PE/PE pouches are recyclable due to the mono-material structure. Polyethylene (PE) printed film is laminated to another layer of polyethylene (PE) providing strength and durability.

The majority of plastic used in packaging is notoriously difficult to recycle due to multi-layered films and complex structures. Due to its mono film structure, PE/PE pouches can be recycled at the end of use therefore contributing to a more circular economy. Moreover, these pouches are also available in a CPP/OPP structure.


Laminated mono-material flat bottom bags provide a recyclable plastic solution in either PE/PE or CPP/OPP structures.

Flat Bottom bags offer an outstanding on-shelf presentation and stable base for lighter weight products.

Flat Bottom bags require less material than the more traditional quad seal format. The packaging structure also utilises space more effectively, allowing for the same volume of product. With all the on-shelf advantages of printed cartons, Flat Bottom bags offer a stable, free-standing structure with five graphic panels for increased branding.


Laminated mono material bags are strong, recyclable and ready for your branding. 

Quad seal bags or corner seal bags are designed with two side gussets, so as a result, these increase potential branding space to 4 graphic panels. The four-corner seal format provides great side reinforcement therefore allowing bags to stay in shape after packing. In addition, the base folds under the bag to stand upright when filled.

For instance, when combined with narrow gussets, the compactness allows more product to be displayed on the shelf than standard gusset bags, which is perfect for products competing for limited shelf space.


Tensile, puncture-resistant and ready to recycle due to the woven mono-material structure. 

BOPP bags are recyclable as they are made of the same polypropylene material. The outer BOPP film is laminated to the Woven PP fabric, providing great pack strength.

Our latest sealing innovation uses special heat-sealable OPP which gives a more premium look to the bags therefore making the packaging extremely airtight. Whilst the folded bottom allows for the same great shelf appeal as non-recyclable plastic bags.


Paper bags give an authentic look available with fully recyclable, often compostable options for eco-conscious brands.

It is the most obvious recyclable material used in packaging. Recycling paper can have clear benefits to the environment as it diverts waste from landfill sites.

As well as meeting exacting food-grade standards we can provide fully recyclable options and source PEFC certified paper.

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We work on projects of varying size, with brands of varying size so please get in touch with us to find out more about our recyclable & sustainable packaging.

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What is recyclable packaging?

Recyclable packaging is made of materials that can be used again after processing. In the debate over how to solve the global plastics problem, many industry figures have repeatedly highlighted recycling as the lynchpin of packaging sustainability moving forward.


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