If you’re thinking of heading into business selling pet food and pet treats – now may well be the best time according to new statistics. 

Pet ownership shot up throughout the pandemic, as more people had time to look after their newfound friends. Increases in pet ownership of course equal demand for pet food, and in turn, packaging.

We saw a sharp increase in pet food packaging orders, as businesses stocked up to meet demand. 

You may be thinking that the pandemic caused the growth, but the demand started way before the coronavirus moved most pet food sales online. Pet food was already experiencing an online boom prior to COVID-19, with pet food eCommerce growing by 53% year-over-year compared to brick-and-mortar growth of 0.7%.

Online sales started to rise all the way back in 1995 when eBay was founded. Since then, online shopping is something we’ve come to rely on for all types of products. The largest e-commerce platform, Amazon, has also seen significant growth in pet food and pet product purchases. 

Creating pet food packaging is simple when you join forces with a trusted packaging supplier like ourselves. We’ve got 17 years of experience with the pet food industry, having supplied large retailers and brands such as Canagan, Burns, Harrington’s, Yora and more. We continue to supply these brands every year, creating packaging for pet food and pet treats, that is both professionally sourced and sustainable.

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