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Law Print & Packaging is a leading pet food packaging supplier offering various packaging formats and assisting in the process of launching new packaging lines.

We work with a diverse mix of companies from global retailers and supermarkets, to small businesses and innovative start-up brands. Our core purpose is to find the most efficient and effective packaging solutions married with fantastic product quality.

Dry Dog Food
Raw / Freeze Dried
Dry Cat Food

✔️ Dog and Cat Food
✔️ Small Animal Food
✔️ Fish Food
✔️ Bird Seeds
✔️ Biscuits and Treats

We offer a wide range of pet food packaging solutions including the ever popular quad seal bags and more premium flat bottom bags with or without zipper options, or the convenient stand up pouches to pack smaller quantities or treats.

Recent developments such as mono material PE laminated bags and PP woven bags, paper laminated or texture varnished bags are also available.

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Key Features:

✔️ K-Seal or Doypack shapes
✔️ Re-sealable with zippers
✔️ Spouts
✔️ Easy open cuts (tear notches)
✔️ Laser scoring
✔️ Retortable
✔️ Low minimum order quantity
✔️ 250ml – 10L

Flat Bottom Bag Box Pouch Law Print Pack

Key Features:

✔️ Free standing pouch with a flat bottom base
✔️ Box shape
✔️ Excellent stability
✔️ Available with single lip & Aplix zippers
✔️ 5 graphic panels
✔️ Suitable for high-speed automatic filling
✔️ Material efficient design

Key Features:

✔️ 4 corner seal format
✔️ Free standing with folded bottom
✔️ Available with or without zippers
✔️ Handle options
✔️ Wide range of materials
✔️ Good clear graphic panels
✔️ Suitable for automatic filling
✔️ Ideal for heavy weight applications

Key Features:

✔️ 100% recyclable
✔️ Mono material structure
✔️ Heat-sealable
✔️ Cross bottom or folded bottom
✔️ Available with easy open tape (stitched)
✔️ More resistant than large paper sacks
✔️ 7.5kg – 25kg

We work on projects of varying size, from the biggest supermarkets in the UK to exciting new pet food brands and start-ups looking for innovative packaging solutions.

As experts in our field, Law Print frequently get asked many questions about pet food packaging.

What pack formats are available, what are the best materials to use, and in particular what packaging solutions are the most sustainable?

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Every brand is different

That’s why our dedicated account managers work with you to find the best fit for your product packaging.
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