As a global supplier of packaging, we have the supply chain logistics knowledge to successfully provide packaging to our international clients anywhere in the world.  And this is exactly what we did with the Applaws brand, all the way to Australia!

When MPM Products were searching for their new pet food packaging supplier, we were on hand to show them the benefits of working with Law Print.  We have always operated globally with manufacturing partners mainly based in South East Asia and customers spanning across several continents.

From the very beginning, Law Print has supplied bags in the UK and Europe, then North America and more recently Japan.  There was only one leap before we would deliver directly to Oz!

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Fuelled by the shared passion for their pets, MPM’s founders searched for someone who could bring their pet food vision to life.  Applaws was born.  The dry food for cats gives all the goodness of a diet rich in high-quality animal protein… conveniently packed into a single bag, and now pouch.

“All pet food is not made equal.  It’s the ingredients we use in Applaws that make our food different.  Every single one is carefully selected to help your pet thrive.”

MPM are committed to taking the bigger picture view and doing the right thing.  It’s why the sourcing of their packaging and ingredients is something they’ll never compromise on.  Our values aligned and that’s also why our relationship works so well.

We have been working with MPM since 2014 when we first helped them with the launch of the Applaws cat food in Flat Bottom bags for the UK market.  However, Law Print became the real key packaging partner they needed when the first expansion plan was rolled out and Applaws landed in the US safely.  Fast forward to May 2019 when we were chosen again to supply the new stand-up pouches for their Applaws Australia cat food.

Law Print was the natural choice for this new inter-continental adventure, having a proven track record as a trusted quality supplier who can deliver anywhere and on time.  With the added benefit of having the pouches made in Vietnam, the cross-trade arrangement meant that the supply chain was considerably shortened with 2 week shipping time to Australia.  Another perfect match, perfect timing!

“As a growing global business, we’ve found Law Print flexible, agile and competitive. Their existing relationships with some of our third-party suppliers have helped us to get the best from timings and print as we work together to deliver great-looking packaging across a range of sizes and finishes.”

– Nikki Prendergast, MPM Products


Having worked with MPM on a number of projects, Law Print is their ideal packaging partner as they know first hand that we are capable of supplying any customer, anywhere across the globe, with competitive prices and lead times. The latest Applaws pouches were another challenge that Law Print was happy to take on and we couldn’t be more delighted with expanding to Australia.

Employee Luke Cummins
Luke Cummins
Sales Manager

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