Global Partner Manufacturers

Since 2004, Law Print & Packaging have been trading with a pool of carefully selected partner manufacturers mainly based in the Far East, in particular Vietnam and Thailand where we have forged some very long standing relationships. The mutually beneficial agreements we have with these factories mean that we have been able to supply our customers with high quality printed packaging, based on trust and reliability.

During the last few years, we have worked with them very closely to grow our portfolio of innovative packaging products together. This has allowed us to successfully develop and launch our Ready2Recycle range of sustainable mono material solutions in 2019, with ongoing improvements of higher barrier property films and additional features and finishes that were only available on conventional multi-plastic structures until recently.

All partner producers are available for complete inspection at any time by our clients, as a preliminary audit or during press proofing.

Factories partners overseas

Cartotecnica Postumia Spa

As well as plastic packaging solutions, Law Print & Packaging are to continue with their commitment to supply the widest range of packaging to the market through the latest agreement to represent one of Italy’s oldest and most prominent paper bag manufacturers, Postumia.

Based in the Veneto region, the family run company has over 50 years experience in paper bag manufacturing, working with many of Europe’s most established brands and retailers.

Having just won the Best in Flexo 2022 Silver award, Cartotecnica Postumia is an agile and flexible company that shares the culture and ethos at Law Print.

Potential Overseas Partners

As markets change and businesses grow, we will carry on working with our current established partners but will also look at taking on board new suppliers that would complement our current portfolio and give us extra production capacities both from Asia and Europe, in order to meet our customers’ expectations.

Each new partner must specialise in a variety of bags and pouches with value-added and innovative options, enabling Law Print & Packaging to offer flexibility and competitive prices to its customers.

All of our partners are independently audited against strict criteria and must achieve ISO and BRC standards. We also measure environmental and ethical manufacturing processes.

If your company manufactures flexible packaging and can offer high quality competitive products, please feel free to contact us.

Inside Fiorini factory