Plastic Packaging Tax | 30% Recycled Content

Are you ready for the plastic packaging tax?

You need to register for the Plastic Packaging Tax if you’ve manufactured or imported 10 or more tonnes of finished plastic packaging components within the last 12 months, or will do so in the next 30 days. The aim of the plastic tax is to reduce the use of new plastics and increase plastic recycling.

At Law Print and Packaging Management, we are currently taking a proactive approach with core suppliers to build a road map including 30% recycled material in all plastic products where it makes commercial sense to do so. 

By this, we mean that it depends on whether by including 30% recycled material we need to increase the weight of plastic used by more than the added tax, as we feel this would not be ‘commercially right’ or in the best interest of the environment.

As an importer of plastic packaging in the UK, Law Print is liable for the plastic packaging tax and will pay it directly on behalf of its customers. Customers that do import or distribute products already packed in plastic packaging directly from overseas into the UK have to register themselves and pay the tax separately.

If you need help finding plastic alternatives or would like to know more about the plastic tax bill, contact us today and we will be happy to assist with any questions regarding the new plastic tax.

The ‘recycled content’ in plastic packaging components must be from one of two sources:

Post-consumer waste: Plastic waste generated by households, commercial, industrial, or institutional facilities in their role as end-users of the product, where it can no longer be used for its intended purpose.

Pre-consumer waste: Plastic waste recovered from waste generated in a manufacturing process that has been processed by a re-processing facility. This would not apply to process scrap that is added back into extrusion machines as part of the manufacturing process.

Download our Plastic Packaging Tax Guide

All the information you need is available in this handy downloadable document. We’ll keep it updated, but if you need any further assistance, please let us know.