Quad Seal Bags provide great on-shelf presentation and convenient storage.

Quad seal bags or corner seal bags are designed with two gussets, increasing potential branding space to 4 graphic panels.

The four-corner seal design provides excellent reinforcement, allowing you to fill bags with more product, whilst the flat base helps the bag stand upright when filled. When combined with narrow gussets, the compactness allows more products to be displayed on the shelf than standard gusset bags, perfect for products competing for limited shelf space.

Key Features of Quad Seal Bags

4 corner format

Freestanding bag format

Available with zippers, sliders & Velcro/Aplix

Handle options

Wide range of materials

Good clear graphic panels

Suitable for heavyweight applications

Suitable for automatic filling


Increased Branding Space

Two side gussets and 4 graphic panels create a great opportunity for additional messaging and product information. If your design is complex quad seal bags can offer the extra space you need to ensure all the right information can be found on the pack.


Value Added Features

The strength of the four-corner seal allows additional features such as handles to be placed on the side gussets of quad seal bags. Convenience driven features are of great added value to today’s busy, on the go consumer.

Quad Seal Bag


Width: min 100mm > max 380mm
Length: min 120mm > max 800mm
Gusset: min 60mm > max 190mm




Rotogravure up to 10 colours, reverse printing

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