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Law Print & Packaging offer suitable solutions for all your sports nutrition packaging needs, from stand up pouches to flat bottom bags, as well as plastic or paper laminated films on reels.

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Being a more convenient and cost-saving solution with increased space for branding, flexible packaging is increasingly popular in the sports nutrition market.

As health supplements and protein powders become widely adopted by the mass market, brands are launching unisex products targeting more general health and well being.

Many of our customers have identified that flexible packaging solutions such as stand up pouches and flat bottom bags give more mass market appeal than the masculine tubs associated with sports nutrition.

Traditionally protein powders and supplements packaging have focused solely on large plastic tubs.  But market pioneers are making waves with new flexible packaging solutions, a preferred choice by packers and consumers alike.

Compared to tubs, pouches are now undeniably seen as a more modern packaging solution – practical, cost and space saving with increased branding. Flat bottom bags also bring added stability.

We create packaging fit for purpose

Key Features:

✔️ K-Seal or Doypack shapes
✔️ Re-sealable with zippers
✔️ Easy open cuts (tear notches)
✔️ Laser scoring
✔️ Convenient light format compared to tubs
✔️ Low minimum order quantity
✔️ 100g – 5kg

Flat Bottom Bag Box Pouch Law Print Pack

Key Features:

✔️ Free standing pouch with a flat bottom base
✔️ Box shape
✔️ Excellent stability
✔️ Available with single lip & Aplix zippers
✔️ 5 graphic panels
✔️ Suitable for high-speed automatic filling
✔️ Material efficient design

Key Features:

✔️ 4 corner seal format
✔️ Free standing bag with folded bottom
✔️ Available with or without zippers
✔️ Handle options
✔️ Wide range of materials
✔️ Suitable for automatic filling
✔️ Good clear graphic panels
✔️ Ideal for heavy weight applications

Our Valued Customers

What are the benefits to your business?


Lower Costs

Lighter weight as less material used to pack the products saving on production costs. The savings also transfer across the supply chain, with reduced storage, warehousing and distribution costs.

Carbon Footprint

Less packaging materials can ultimately impact your company’s carbon footprint. So not only can your sports nutrition product be healthy for your body but flexible packaging can also make it better for the environment.


Flexible packaging used in sports nutrition markets uses significantly less plastic than that of the more traditional rigid tubs.

Print Techniques

Rotogravure printing process allows up to 10 colour print, that produces extremely vivid graphics. We have also introduced a spot matt varnish which has been used as a key feature on recent sports nutrition pouches.

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