From garden and household products to soaps and personal care items, we provide the right packaging for your non-food products.

Law Print offer tailor-made product packaging solutions for a variety of non-food products including industrial materials, garden products and consumer household items.

When it comes to your product packaging whatever the shape, size or quantity, our team of packaging experts can find a suitable solution. Law Print & Packaging is built on the ethos of offering true value to its customers. We have a dedicated team of specialists that spans the entire product packaging supply chain including design, print, quality assurance and international logistics.

Bar-Be-Quick Packaging Law Print Pack

✔️ Building & Industrial Materials
✔️ Household
✔️ Garden products
✔️ Toiletries
✔️ Make-up

We offer a wide range of non-food packaging solutions including the popular 4 corner seal bags with or without a front zipper or the handy stand up pouches and 3 side seal bags to pack smaller quantities.

Recent developments such as Woven BOPP sacks, PE laminated bags and paper laminated or lacquered bags and sacks are also available.

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Key Features:

✔️ Modern 4 corner format
✔️ Free standing bag format
✔️ Available with or without zippers
✔️ Handle options
✔️ Wide range of materials
✔️ Suitable for automatic filling
✔️ Good clear graphic panels
✔️ Suitable for heavy weight applications

Key Features:

✔️ Re-sealable with zippers
✔️ Retortable
✔️ With spouts
✔️ Easy open cuts (tear notches)
✔️ K-seal or Doypack shapes
✔️ Special shapes
✔️ Low minimum order quantity
✔️ 250ml – 10L

Laminated films packaging

Key Features:

✔️ Wide range of structures
✔️ 1-7 ply lamination
✔️ Plain or printed
✔️ 250Kg upwards

Our Valued Customers

Many businesses choose to work with Law Print & Packaging on an outsourced packaging management basis. This significantly reduces the need to invest heavily in resources and minimises both their risk and costs. Working with Law Print & Packaging provides peace of mind that product packaging sourcing, regulation, quality and logistics are taken care of through a single point of contact, allowing businesses to focus on other areas.

Good packaging protects your product. Great packaging protects your brand.

Our dedicated account managers work with you to find the best fit for your product packaging. Call us on +44 (0) 161 440 7302 or Email