Our Commitment to Sustainability



We focus on reducing total packaging waste, optimising storage and distribution without impairing pack performance



Our NPD teams are focused on improving environmental impact through reduced material usage, production and transportation emissions.



All our packaging is created to ensure limited food waste. We strive to influence change to a more circular economy, where packaging can be disposed of in a responsible and sustainable way.

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We believe it is important to be honest and realistic about tangible sustainable changes we can deliver today, with what we have.

As a flexible packaging supplier, we aren’t afraid to champion the use of plastics and their positive contribution to the food supply chain.  Rather than villainising a material that in fact prolongs shelf life, protects produce in transit and prevents unnecessary food waste, it’s important to focus on driving more cohesion in recycling and educating consumers through signposting initiatives.

Current waste streams in the UK admittedly do little to assist the sustainable and environmental ambitions of companies.  So, when considering sustainable changes, it is essential for brands to consider the end-to-end product lifecycle, rather than short-term marketing spin.

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Walker & Drake

MORE Dog & Cat Food

Yora Dog Food

Symply Pet Food

The Honestly Good Smoothie Co

Plastic packaging has long been considered a convenient option rather than a sustainable one, therefore, Law Print are delighted to announce the launch of a new range of sustainable flexible plastic packaging to change that.

Undeserving of all the current negative backlash, flexible plastic can actually be the most environmentally-friendly packaging solution when disposed of properly. Moreover, increased shelf life decreased carbon footprint in the supply chain and its recyclable nature are all reasons for embracing flexible packaging as a sustainable solution.

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