Arcadia Reptile EarthMix

Working in the pet care sector, we produce packaging fit for animals of all shapes and sizes. In our latest project, Law Print supplied two new lines for our smaller and less furry friends with the relaunch of Arcadia Reptile EarthMix.

After years of working with the brands packing partner, we were recommended for the relaunch project. Traditionally packed in large clear bags, the team at Arcadia Reptile were now keen to invest in packaging in order to create some theatre in store as well as offering more portable features to provide greater consumer convenience.

Head of Science and Innovation at Arcadia Reptile, John Courteney-Smith MRSB said “Selecting the right packaging is vital to the ongoing success of a product and the wider brand as a whole. As market leaders in our field, we must make sure that our packaging choices are not only visually attractive but that they display a clear message, will encase the product correctly and are robust enough to allow good transit and consumer selection.”

What did we do?

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The brief was based on a design with a strong and durable reinforced punched out handle due to the large size and weight of the products. This resulted in sourcing high strength materials and special plastic handle inserts.

“Using our own in-house design team, we worked alongside Law Print Pack to develop a pair of robust bags that could be branded on all sides and carry enough information to allow consumers all over the world to use the product correctly. In our case, this is quite a heavy product. As such, a grade of material was chosen to be able to store the product safely. We were then able to select reinforced grab handles so that the end consumer could easily and safely carry the product,” said John Courteney-Smith.

The way packaging looks and feels is crucial to driving purchase in stores, but what many brands fail to consider is the practical functionality. The handle allows the customer to easily carry the product, store and re-use at home.

We worked closely with the packer to deliver test fill samples in the correct format, material specs and with the added handle feature. These were re-made to achieve the perfect match to the product requirements and successfully approved.

“The end result is a pair of totally bespoke, eye-catching and very practical bags that really do show off the best of our brand. These bags also have encouraging ‘green credentials’ saving approx. 75% in single-use plastics when compared to the other options available to us. All in all, we are delighted with the end product, how easy it is to use and the sheer impact it makes at a store level,” said John Courteney-Smith MRSB.

The two new Arcadia Reptile lines will be launching this June as part of the extended Earth Pro range.

[us_testimonial style=”2″ author=”Carole Bayne” company=”Sales and Marketing Director” img=”5433″]Since the packer came to us back in 2012, we have demonstrated our reliability over the years, as well as offering them the innovations they were looking for. We’re thrilled with the finished EarthMix bags and already working with the packer on a new line for a range extension, which to us speaks volumes.[/us_testimonial]

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