When Bubblegel ‘burst’ onto the scene, we jumped at the chance to work with such a new and exciting product. It’s an industry we’ve never worked with before, so it allowed us to broaden our personal care portfolio.

Bubble Laboratories came to us after seeing our pouches online and decided they’d be an excellent fit for their product. They chose a glossy finish to complement their gels, with a clear window so the moulds/characters are visible. It shows off the product beautifully, and catches the eyes of youngsters when out shopping!

Bubblegel moulds into characters made from a semi-solid bubble bath in the form of a gel. It retains the shape of your favourite character when taken out of its mould – it can be squished and squeezed before being placed under warm running water where it melts to create a gentle, long-lasting and luxurious bubble bath.

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The pouch has tear notches, making it easy-open – perfect for slippery hands at bath time! It also has a handy euro slot for retailers to display. Pouches can also be displayed upright on shelves should it be required, meaning the product is always in prime position.

The gel has an added play value, as it is soft, stretchy and squishy. It can be thrown at tiles and will stick to the bathtub before bath time begins. They always make the gel into your favourite shapes and characters, just the right size for little hands to play. Bubblegel consists of hundreds of forms; they have their brand as well as collaborations with some of the biggest global brand owners to replicate their most popular characters into Bubblegel. These include Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Star Wars, and Nickelodeon’s Paw Patrol.

Providing the stand-up pouches for multipacks of character moulds was the perfect solution for the customer and showcased the product brilliantly. This packaging has a playful vibe to it which appeals directly to its target audience. It resonates with both parents and children alike, and depicts what the consumer will get from it; happy times, playful times and a bath time full of fun rather than tantrums!

The clear window makes for an excellent opportunity to help the potential customer observe the product, and create a sensory impact through the packaging, by watching the product move inside. The easy tear notches give extra ease of use to the packaging to ensure the tailored aspects exists for those who are using it! It allows the function of the Bubblegel to be fully reflected within the packaging, delivering a comfortable experience.

To make sure that children do not eat the soaps, they contain ‘Bitrex’, a non-harmful, bitter-tasting ingredient. The process from start to end went smoothly, and before long, they had their beautiful pouches in hand, ready to start filling and selling.


Working with bubblegel helped us to broaden our portfolio into personal care, and we were happy to provide this playful packaging for them. The clear window allows an insight into the product whilst on the shelf, and also catches the eye of children when out shopping. The gloss finish really adds to the design and the easy-tear notch provides extra ease of use to the end user.

Natalie Yuille
Senior Sales Account Manager

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