Buffalo Dog Treats & Chews

For Law Print, exhibitions are an integral part of networking and discovering new leads.  Over the last 16 years, we’ve been lucky enough to make connections with brands that have become long-lasting partnerships.  This is just what happened with Sniffers Pet Care when we met at the PATS trade show in 2019.  We immediately knew we could provide exactly what they were looking for in their Buffalo Dog Treats/Chews.

Sniffers were already using unprinted pouches for their Buffalo dog treats/chews but wanted to step up their game and bring something slightly more professional looking to the market.  The new generic pouches are over-labelled with each different type of treat or chew, but this time they stand out from the crowd, even more, thanks to the choice of materials, clever Spot Matt varnish and functional features like the resealable zippers and tear notches.

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The Buffalo Revolution started at home, backed with 40 years’ experience in the pet trade.  The team behind the brand was focused on creating a range of dog treats that allows owners to make healthy – not indulgent – choices for their pets.

Sourced from free-range, hormone-free buffalo, these tasty snacks are a leaner and healthier alternative to pork or beef, as well as being great for your dog’s dental hygiene.  Made from pure buffalo with no additives or preservatives, these sticks are also a great source of heart-protective omega-3, which makes them the perfect healthy reward for your dog.

With so many different types of treats and chews being part of the customer’s range, printing generic pouches in different sizes was the most cost-efficient solution.  Pouches are also the perfect format for treats and chews.

Sniffers decided to use stand up pouches rather than flat bottom or quad seal bags due to the compact nature and shelf presence they afford.  They also chose to feature a Euro Slot for shop floor purposes to hang them conveniently.

The pouches were manufactured using clear film, as Sniffers wanted a front window so that consumers could see the product within, a huge unique selling point for the brand.  Combined with a Spot Matt varnish printed on the rest of the pouch to give it that frosty look, the unusual product contents are beautifully showcased.

As a business, we’re constantly proactively designing for optimisation, reducing material usage, lightweighting and investing in plastic solutions that can all improve your company’s commitment to quality and sustainability without compromising the barrier properties and required shelf life.

Buffalo dog treats/chews are available from Pets at Home.  If you require any more information on our pouches, flat bottom bags or quad seal bags, get in touch with our sales team.


Unprinted generic bags are a viable option for those brands looking to sell many different types of product across a few sizes only. When Sniffers came across our packaging at the PATS exhibition, they were confident, as were we, that we could provide the pouches they needed to their exact specification.

Natalie Yuille
Senior Sales Account Manager

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