Burgess - Paul O'Grady

Being the ‘celebrities choice’ comes with an added bit of pressure that we were more than experienced to deal with. Law Print was chosen to work with Burgess this time to supply packaging for the Paul O’Grady’s Dog Food range, a project that would bring with it the reputation of the national star! 

Law Print has built a solid relationship with Burgess over the years, based on quality and performance. We’re always on time, deliver in full and supply high-quality packaging every time. This is what we do as a reliable packaging supplier, which is why Burgess trusted us again in helping them expand and ensure consistency across the range.

The brief given to us was to supply packaging that would create a premium look to reflect the brands of both Burgess and Paul O’Grady. They chose our PET/PE Flat Bottom format with a glossy finish. The gloss helps the different designs of the bags to stand out. The Flat Bottom format allows the bags to be placed on a shelf easily, but also provides a large space for the partnership branding!

What did we do?

Materials & Manufacturing Expertise

Format Optimisation

Pre-and Post-Press Quality Management

Print & Colour Management

Supply Chain Logistics

At the time of launch, Paul O’Grady said: “Burgess came to me with the idea over 18 months ago and I think I expanded on their ideas – I could see that there had to be a link between good food and affordable price and I felt that people would trust me to deliver that.”

Law Print was involved from the very early stages of the project, offering advice at pre-artwork meetings. This prompted discussions on how to get the best result from the design concept and highlight print techniques that would achieve this. We also helped to provide technical knowledge and advice to ensure everything from packaging formats to design printability was clear and worked for everyone. 

This meant that lead times could be reduced, unnecessary delays and associated costs were avoided and ultimately it sped up the entire process. Flat Bottom bags improve packaging efficiencies, significantly reducing material used. They also provide great shelf presence, improving stability on shelf so the product sits how the packaging designer envisioned.

One thing that we found particularly challenging was to portray the image of Paul O’Grady in the right way. On previous bags, the image of Paul was different and our task was to try and colour match the new image in the best way possible without impacting the rest of the design. It took us 2 attempts to find the perfect balance of CMYK colours and Burgess were pleased with the final result!

Throughout his career, Paul O’Grady has been known for his love of dogs. From the first appearance of Buster on The Paul O’Grady Show to his six years presenting For the Love of Dogs, his passion has always shone through.

A spokesman for Burgess said: “It is this work and the companionship of his own dogs that have helped make Paul so passionate about the needs and welfare of these beloved animals, so when Burgess approached Paul O’Grady in 2018 to work on great-value dog food, it was a perfect fit. Knowing how important nutrition is to a dog’s welfare, Paul quickly helped make the project a lot bigger.”


“Burgess is a company that we have worked with on numerous projects over the years and it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with them on the Paul O’Grady range. Whilst the project had a few minor challenges along the way, I’m very pleased with how we overcame those and provided a quality finished product.”

Sam Gilmour
Sales Account Manager

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