Canagan Insect Protein Dog Food

Canagan Insect Protein pet food is a new sustainable option for pet owners. To complement its unique protein source, the brand tasked Law Print with helping them introduce the on-trend range extension in a recyclable packaging solution that would further enhance the eco-friendly benefits of its product.

Having already successfully relaunched the group’s Symply range in PE/PE bags, we supplied Canagan with 3 additional pack formats to meet their new specific needs, keeping the new products fresh but also aligning the sustainability credentials to the product content.

Packing sustainable pet food doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the packaging quality, and recyclable plastic packaging could be just the right answer for your product – taking you one step closer in the right direction!

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Canagan Insect is a highly digestible hypoallergenic recipe which is fantastic for dogs with sensitive stomachs and allergies. Just like the rest of the Canagan range, it is completely grain-free and uses delicious black soldier fly larvae to create a nutritious and wholesome low carbon meal for pets.

The healthy benefits of insects needed to be met with an equally sustainable choice of packaging. This is why Law Print supplied the new bags from our Ready2Recycle packaging range. Made of a single polymer structure, the bags are still providing excellent protection for the pet food inside, whilst elevating the brand ethos to the next level.

A sustainable pet food range delivered in a sustainable packaging solution, bringing the brand close to a more circular economy – perfect match that will certainly get you buzzing!

Launching the new Canagan line in matching bag styles to the core range – Flat Bottom & Quad Seal bags, but in new sizes to suit the insect product density ratio, the highly recognisable Black & Yellow variant design was also printed on the PE material in Rotogravure process, ensuring perfect brand consistency and once again showing our colour management expertise.

One of the main benefits of Canagan Insect Protein’s new recyclable packaging is to be more environmentally friendly than conventional pet food packaging. Flexible mono material packaging requires significantly fewer resources to produce than traditional packaging used for pet food, and it produces less waste. Additionally, the lightweight nature of the packaging means that it requires less energy to transport, which further reduces its environmental impact with a much lower carbon footprint.


Canagan has clearly set the bar even higher for the private label pet food market! By choosing recyclable packaging for their new Canagan Insect Protein products, the brand has taken an additional great step towards sustainability, addressing one of the key targets set out by the pet food industry in recent years. Through their partnership with Law Print over the last 10 years, both our businesses have grown stronger together and we are very excited to see what the future brings and of course introduce more innovations.

Director Carole Bayne
Carole Bayne
Managing Director

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