Chester's Christmas Dog Treats

Law Print is often tasked with supplying a complete range of pet food packaging for large retailers or private brands. However, seasonal packaging is something that we have also offered over the last couple of years, and we are delighted to have been asked to work again on the Christmas pack for Home Bargains.

Chester’s dog treats have even had a little revamp this year with a brand new festive design and new pouch size, but in the same recyclable mono material PE structure that still makes the product a sustainable choice for pet lovers and their little furry friends.

Developing packaging solutions for special times of the year requires advance planning and good logistics, which Law Print has been able to deliver once again. Stand up pouches are ideal and versatile, so your products can hit the market at peak season on time and get refreshed every year if you want to!

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Chester’s variety packs are made with 100% natural meat. With a selection of roast strips, pigs in blankets and chewy steaks, there is a festive treat available for every dog to try their taste buds!

Practical and convenient, the treats are packed in stand up pouches with a reseal zipper and a clear front window for optimum customer experience. The design is a striking mix of red and white – a seasonal combination that is a favourite for this time of year. The bags are bold and stand out on the shelf, giving them that playful look that dog owners have come to love.

Made in our Ready2Recycle mono material PE/PE structure, the pouches offer sustainable credentials, without compromising the quality of the packaging. We also helped them to reduce the size, so that they could have an even more environmentally friendly pouch compared to the year before.

Seasonal packaging can feel like a daunting task, especially when it’s advisable to prepare so far in advance. However, we’re well-versed in projects that require a little planning. So if you have come across this case study and are wondering whether it’s time to get started, chances are it probably is. Just give us a call and get organised now!

Stand up pouches have certainly grown in popularity over the years. The variety of closure mechanisms combined with practical improvements to shelf-life, waste and reusability strikes the perfect balance between packaging form and function. Chester’s new stand up pouches are the ideal size for on-the-go treats, allowing for easy transport and storage.

Flexible packaging is an excellent tool for businesses looking to move to more sustainable sources whilst keeping the same format and options available for their customers. Pouches can be printed with Rotogravure up to 9 or 10 colours, which was perfect for this colourful Christmas theme.


Law Print has worked on a number of seasonal packaging  projects over the last couple of years, as brands we supply grow bigger and introduce specific pet products for Christmas. Being a one-off  product required at peak season can present some challenges in itself! However, we are well equipped to help plan ahead and deliver on time. When faced with a customer with high expectations like Home Bargains, their packer trusted us again with the updated version for this year’s festive season.  New pouch size, new design but same reliable service levels.

Andrea Sblano
Business Development Manager

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