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When we first met with Kennelpak in late 2016, they knew exactly what they wanted for their pet food brand’s packaging – something new and innovative – to which we had the perfect solution!

That’s why, the Collards team recently came back to us looking for a new sustainable bag which mirrored their existing range. Law Print helped them to transition into recyclable MDOPE/PE packaging, which offered similar high barrier properties but steered the brand in the right direction.

With years of experience and great knowledge of the pet food market, Law Print provides a constant finger on the pulse of packaging trends and innovations suited to pet food products. From conventional to recyclable packaging, we don’t believe that there is a “one fits all” solution but always listen to our customers’ needs and supply what works for their product and brand.

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Collards was developed to meet the growing pet owners’ demand for healthier, hypo-allergenic dog foods. The brand offers a complete, nutritionally balanced dog food packed with quality ingredients to help dogs maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Collards’ previous packaging included a metallised polyester (PET MET) lamination, keeping food fresher for longer and adding aesthetic value by highlighting key areas on the artwork. Their new packaging needed to have the same attributes, but had to be recyclable. 

We provided Collards with two new bags – a small PE/PE mono material Flat Bottom bag with easy open cuts and a single lip zipper, and a large PE/PE Quad Seal bag with a folded bottom. Made in our Ready2Recycle mono material structure, the bags offer sustainable credentials that align with the brand, without compromising the quality of the packaging and on-shelf appeal. 

Flexible packaging is an excellent tool for businesses looking to move to more sustainable sources whilst keeping the same format and options available for their customers. Recyclable PE/PE bags can still be printed in Rotogravure process, which was perfect for Collards and the effective design the brand has gone for.

Flat Bottom Bags offer an outstanding on-shelf presentation and a stable base for lighter-weight products. They require less material than the more traditional quad seal format. The packaging structure also utilises space more effectively, allowing for the same volume of product. With all the on-shelf advantages of printed cartons, flat bottom bags offer a free-standing structure with 5 graphic panels for increased branding.


Working with a customer on a new brand is always exciting but developing the next packaging solution for the same brand is what makes us tick at Law Print!  We thrive on delivering good service levels and retaining customers, so we were delighted when Kennelpak came back to us and asked us to take their Collards brand to the next level.  The new packs are in keeping with the original design concept. Still, the use of high-barrier recyclable materials and clever artwork adjustments mean that the updated pet food packaging is now more sustainable. Want to move in the right direction?  Get in touch with our sales team

Director Carole Bayne
Carole Bayne
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