We’ve taken on a number of projects for sports nutrition companies this year, but none have challenged our specifications quite like Dymatize. We worked with the team to create one of the biggest and most robust pouches Law Print has ever produced.

To support Dymatize in launching new packaging formats in line with a wider product range and branding. With such a vast range of new products under the Dymatize umbrella, it would be crucial to meet colour consistency across all packaging formats.

Law Print Pack produced packaging for Elite Whey and Super Mass Gainer smoothie powders delivering 3 packaging SKUs in total.

What did we do?

Materials & Manufacturing Expertise

Format Optimisation

Pre-and Post-Press Quality Management

Print & Colour Management

Supply Chain Logistics

Size Matters

One of the most challenging aspects of the brief was the sheer size of the pouch, designed to hold 5232g of protein. Many packaging manufacturers would struggle to produce a pouch of this size and at such competitive prices as every pouch required two webs of film.

The Move To Pouches

It’s clear that more brands are seeking flexible pouches driven by the convenience they offer customers over more rigid packaging formats. But as Dymatize traditionally use substantially large tubs for their powders – repurposing this to a portable pouch would need a robust handle feature.

We’ve all been caught out one way or another from poorly supported handles. So, we worked closely with our factory to create a strong lamination to the handle that would support the weight once filled and throughout the product lifecycle.

Using rotogravure print process ultimately means high minimum orders to justify machinery set up and production costs.

Dymatize is just one example of using clever packaging design that covers multiple product ingredients, so the same pouch can be used across flavours. Many of our customers who require the quality of rotogravure but struggle to meet the MOQs create a ‘one design’ approach with labelling or combined ingredients to differentiate SKUs.

An important part of the brief was the ability for consumers to easily reseal and reuse the pouches. As with such a large amount of powder the product would have a long-life cycle.

Many closure mechanisms require the top half of the packaging to be discarded but it was crucial for Dymatize to keep the handle for convenience and portability. The pocket zipper to the front of the pouch was suggested by the Law Print team so that the product could be easily accessed and resealed without affecting the punched-out handle.

Dymatize branding is clean bright white with flashes of red and metallic colourways. The designers used matt varnish for the white areas, which allowed the brand logo and information to stand out on the packaging.

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