Encore Cat

Having worked on several projects together already, our long-standing relationship with MPM and reputation for great quality put us first in line for their latest packaging project.

Encore is a pet food brand belonging to the MPM family. MPM develops high-quality and innovative products for cats and dogs.

Encore believe pets deserve better, healthier food that tastes great. That’s why their food is 100% natural with the highest quality ingredients, more real meat and nothing artificial.

We created four lines for Encore: Cat Chicken 800g (UK), Chicken with Salmon 800g (UK), Cat Chicken 800g (Scandinavia) and Chicken with Salmon 800g (Scandinavia).

What did we do?

Materials & Manufacturing Expertise

Format Optimisation

Pre-and Post-Press Quality Management

Print & Colour Management

Supply Chain Logistics

Encore really wanted to show consumers the quality of food in every pack as the brand is big on transparency. The best way to showcase this was by adding a clear window feature.

It was integral that the bags maintained a matt finish, which is only possible by applying a spot matt varnish, rather than using a matt treated film, as this wouldn’t provide 100% clarity in the window.

Applying a matt varnish may not always be as effective as a matt treated film. However, printing rotogravure allowed us to engrave deeper cells in the printing cylinder. This meant we were able to add more varnish to the bag and achieve the non-glossy smooth finish.

We used an opaque white ink as a backing layer because we had to use a transparent PE for the window but needed the other colours to maintain boldness and depth, so as not to appear transparent.

This gave the finished packaging a premium look and feel, further reflecting the quality of the contents.

To guarantee the freshness of the product, we added a reseal zipper to help preserve the pet food long after it’s been opened. This gave Encore an added edge over competitor’s products as the closure provides the convenience consumers seek. In addition, the feature also hints that there’s a higher quality product inside, paralleling human food packaging trends.


“Having worked with MPM for many years, we’re delighted to be a part of their redesign for the Encore range. It’s great to work with the team advising on new packaging trends and supplying a bag that complements their brand.”

Employee Luke Cummins
Luke Cummins
Sales Manager

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