Felipure Cat Litter

Pet Care is a huge industry and one which we’ve been proud to serve since Law Print was first established in 2004. Our customer Pets Corner has a number of brands under their belt, many of which we’re already supplying packaging to. The Felipure cat litter rebrand was no exception.

Law Print was heavily involved in the packaging transition process from start to finish. With an already strong long-standing relationship, we were their first choice for the new pack format and guided them through the different steps of the project until delivery to their packer.

Every project we’ve dealt with has not come without its challenges, but finding solutions to pack cat litter products efficiently and in convenient packaging is one of the many reasons why we’re the trusted supplier for many of our customer brands.

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Felipure is fast clumping, using natural mineral granules with Odour Block™ to absorb liquid rapidly, creating solid and easy to clean clumps. The quick absorption of liquid, and the virtually dust-free formula ensures Felipure is low tracking and gentle on delicate paws.

Previously, the Felipure packaging was in a mixture of non-recyclable pouches, packed inside a box.

The manufacturer of the cat litter could no longer pack the bag in a box style and the brand team wanted to offer a more sustainable solution. We were approached to supply the newly improved pouches and moved them into a PE mono material structure so that they could be recycled. 

The result of the change is mesmerisingly beautiful pouches that are all printed on the same soft touch substrate giving consistency across the brand and premium appeal.  

We believe as a leading packaging supplier, we share a responsibility to encourage our clients to opt for the most environmentally-friendly packaging solutions where possible.  Choosing our Ready2Recycle range of PE/PE bags was an easy choice for the eco-conscious brand.

Pets Corner have even gone one step further and are installing recycle bins at their stores so customers can easily recycle the packaging after use.

The designs are eye-catching, with a serene feel to them, oozing sophistication. The Ready2Recycle PE/PE format compliments the range and is the perfect accompaniment to the Pets Corner brand, with many of their other brands taking the same path. 

We’re leading experts in sustainable packaging, which is why many of our clients are happy for us to take the reins and create packaging for them, that will not only wow their customers but that will satisfy their concerns over sustainability.


Moving from one pack format to another doesn’t come without its hurdles. Maintaining constant communication with the brand team and making sure we fully understand the way they want to proceed makes all the difference to the outcome. Whilst some things are out of our control at the moment, such as freight lead times, we’re always proactive with a project and make sure the packaging is delivered exactly to the specifications required to meet the customer satisfaction. Working with Pets Corner is always a pleasure and we look forward to working on the next project that comes our way!

Natalie Yuille
Senior Sales Account Manager

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