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Law Print supply all the major pet food packers in the UK, who recognise our expertise and the quality of the packaging that we offer. This is why we often get referrals directly from them, in particular when they have new customers from overseas like this Japanese client with their Fish One product. 

“Made in Britain” pet food is certainly perceived as high-quality on the Japanese market. So naturally, after being given a glowing testimonial by this packer whom we have worked together with for many years, Law Print was also recommended to Fish One as their go-to British packaging partner.

Having already worked with another large customer from Japan, they also saw us as a trusted supplier who understands the quality culture and high expectations that come with it.

What did we do?

Materials & Manufacturing Expertise

Format Optimisation

Pre-and Post-Press Quality Management

Print & Colour Management

Supply Chain Logistics

Not only did we supply the packaging itself, but we also collaborated with the customer directly on the artwork development to achieve the best printing results. Moreover, we were involved in choosing the materials, features and finishes and we liaised with the pet food packer to deliver the bags on time and as requested.
This meant that lead times could be reduced, unnecessary delays and associated costs were avoided and ultimately it sped up the entire process. Flat Bottom bags improve packaging efficiencies, significantly reducing material used. They also provide greater stability on the shelf, so the product sits how the packaging designer intended.
We have found that the packaging designs for the Japanese pet food market are very different from what we see and print for the European or even the North American brands and retailers. They tend to favour more pastel colours, delicate sometimes intricate designs and an artistic balance of metallised elements and soft matt finish.
Printing expertise and colour management are what Law Print is well known for. However, on this occasion, one thing that we found particularly tricky was producing pastel colours. While these could be perceived as easier to print, they were actually the most challenging!
For this particular project, we had to carry out a few print tests until we found the right special ink mixes for Fish One to achieve the perfect Pale Pink and Pale Blue background colours. We needed to make sure that they would also work with the more technical vignette effect that the designer had carefully set up.
Ultimately, we helped to provide technical knowledge and advice to ensure everything from packaging format and features to design printability was clear and worked for everyone, which is why our customers come back time and time again and food manufacturers do not hesitate to recommend us!

When it comes to customers based overseas, Law Print has gained expert knowledge of most markets and understand that expectations might be culturally different. We have also worked globally since the very beginning with suppliers based in the Far East and customers spanning across several continents, so managing projects at an international scale has become second nature. We entered the Japanese market a couple of years ago and we have seen a substantial growth of the pet food industry in South East Asia with countries like Japan and Korea favouring high quality, luxurious packaging. Fish One is a perfect example of understated yet classy branding!

Director Carole Bayne
Carole Bayne
Sales & Marketing Director

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