Traditionally, bakery packaging uses paper bag formats for products such as flour and sugar.

However we have seen an increase in more flexible solutions for bakery packaging such a resealable stand up pouches. At Law Print & Packaging Management we design, print and manufacture a variety of bakery packaging.

  • Flour

  • Sugar

  • Bread pre-mix

  • Cake pre-mix

Typically, bakery products are packed in SOS paper bags, heat sealed, with or without a bottom patch. Air tight and moisture free, these bags offer higher barrier properties than conventional paper bags.

Bakery Products Packaging Law Print Pack

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Key Features

  • 1-5 plies
  • Anti-slip treatment
  • UV lacquer
  • With valves
  • With PE lamination
  • Available on reels
  • Suitable for automatic filling
  • Fully Recyclable

Key Features:

  • Wide range of papers
  • 1-3 plies
  • Laminations
  • UV Lacquer
  • With handles
  • With windows
  • Suitable for automatic filling
Flat Bottom Bag Box Pouch Law Print Pack

Key Features:

  • Free standing pouch with flat bottom
  • Box shape
  • Excellent stability
  • Available with top zippers and top sliders
  • 5 graphic panels
  • Suitable for high speed automatic filling
  • Material efficient design

Key Features:

  • Re-sealable with zippers
  • Retortable
  • With spouts
  • Easy open cuts (tear notches)
  • K-seal or Doypack shapes
  • Special shapes
  • Low minimum order quantity
  • 250ml – 10L

Good packaging protects your product. Great packaging protects your brand.

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