H&B Nu26 Vegan Shakes

We don’t get weighed down with the logistics of providing bags for the sports nutrition industry. In fact, our growth within the sector is something to be celebrated! In 2021, Law Print took on a new project for Holland & Barrett. Their Nu26 Vegan Shakes range consists of 3 flavours – Chocolate, Vanilla and Raspberry, all packed in 1Kg pouches. 

Protein powders and supplements are big business. It’s no secret that the industry has seen a huge surge over the last few years, as more people took their health into their own hands. 

For H&B, we were able to supply suitable packaging within our agreed timeframe, which was important as it meant they could meet the tight deadlines they had set for the launch. Like the brand, at Law Print, we don’t want you to make a trade off between time, quality and performance.

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Why make the move from tubs to pouches?

Over the last few years, Law Print has helped a number of sports nutrition companies, as a result of the industry making a leap towards flexible packaging rather than using bulky tubs. It’s clear that more brands are seeking flexible pouches, driven by the convenience they offer customers over more rigid packaging formats.

It’s easy to see why, Flexible Packaging offers a lot of advantages, such as increased shelf-life, less food waste, resealable options, lightweighting and decreased shipping costs.  

Ready2Recycle is fit for purpose

H&B chose to pack their new nutritional shakes in a Ready2Recycle mono material pouch. The reasons for this were mainly due to customer demands, but also due to a shift in sustainable practices from the company as a whole.

PE/PE mono material packaging structures can now be more widely recycled in the UK, which was a very attractive proposition to H&B. Consumers are demanding that the products they buy are contributing to a circular economy, so it was a no brainer for H&B!

Recyclable packaging is made of materials that can be used again after processing. In the debate over how to solve the global plastics problem, many industry figures have repeatedly highlighted recycling as the lynchpin of packaging sustainability moving forward.

If your product allows it, then you should consider switching to mono material packaging solutions with Law Print.

An important part of the brief was also the ability for consumers to easily reseal and reuse the pouches. 

As with such a large amount of powder, the product would have a long-life cycle. The bags have a resealable zipper, helping to keep the product fresher for longer, and tear notches which are ideal for easy opening when in a rush to leave for the gym! 

The branding of the packaging is simple yet effective – brown for chocolate, light yellow for vanilla and red for raspberry. Each key colour stands out on the packs due to the rotogravure process used to print. 

A common misconception about Ready2Recycle packaging is that the colours can become dull. However this is not the case, in most projects, the colours are just as vibrant as they are on conventional packaging.

“Flexible packaging offers a lot of advantages, such as increased shelf life, less food waste, resealable options, lightweighting and decreased shipping costs.”


Sports Nutrition has seen a rapid growth over the years, with a huge demand not only coming from gym enthusiasts but also from consumers seeking healthy meal alternatives and protein supplements for a more balanced diet. With this new trend, Law Print has worked with brands to help them gradually transition from traditional bulky tubs to convenient flexible pouches. This new project for Holland & Barrett was no exception, and they even took it a step further with our Ready2Recycle mono material solution.

Andrea Sblano
Sales Account Manager

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