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Hilton Herbs spent 18 months looking for the right packaging provider to replace their plastic tubs with flexible paper bags. Fortunately, we were here to create a sustainable solution that met all their requirements.

Hilton Herbs is a family-run business that manufactures top-quality herbal feed supplements and healthcare products for horses and pets. Their strong ethical ethos and pioneering approach to packaging and labelling with transparency, has earned them their status within the supplements industry.

They aim to reduce their environmental impact by switching to more sustainable solutions and we were happy to set them on their way with this latest packaging project.

What did we do?

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On average, Hilton Herbs use more than nine tonnes of plastic per year for their dry and liquid supplements. This is why we took on the task to move their products from plastic tubs into Kraft paper bags.

As this was a brand-new format for them, we spent a lot of time test filling various packaging formats and running trials. This was to ensure the new packaging could hold the same volume as the current. From there, we developed the suitable material specifications. However, the company also had a number of other specifications we had to meet…

The bags had to be more sustainable, maintain their current product shelf-life, be suitable for transport and remain robust enough to live in the average feed/tack room.

All of our paper bags meet BRC food grade standards so are suitable for food items such as animal feed. In addition, the plastic liner protects the product as it allows the packaging to withstand transport and storage. It is also heat sealed to ensure it stays airtight to meet Hilton Herbs desired shelf life requirements.

Paper packaging is more sustainable as it makes the product light weight, resulting in less packaging waste and helping the company to achieve the reduced environmental impact they desire.

It also means by moving from tubs made entirely from plastic to paper bags with just a thin liner, less plastic is used overall.
Hilton Herbs can now fit more bags per pallet than tubs which lowers CO2 emissions and benefits the entire supply chain, cutting down on the company’s carbon imprint.

Our partners Postumia, share the same values as us by always using PEFC paper for all our paper bags. Furthermore, they consistently maintain a high level of service, delivering Hilton Herbs’ packaging just four weeks from artwork approval.


Working with Hilton Herbs to not only develop new packaging but new branding has been an enjoyable project. It’s great when brands get on board with the switch to flexible packaging & recognise the benefits.
Postumia have been a great, reliable partner. They always ensure each and every project runs smooth and efficiently from start to finish.

Account Manager Melissa Hogan-Knott
Melissa Hogan-Knott
Sales Account Manager

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