Hownd Dry Dog Food

In response to the burgeoning demand for alternative and nutritious pet food options, HOWND, a trailblazing pet food brand, introduced their groundbreaking product – the Plant-Powered Superfood with Hemp Protein and Moringa. This plant-based dog food not only addresses the nutritional needs of dogs, but also boasts an innovative packaging design that aligns with the brand’s commitment to sustainability and convenience.

HOWND’s packaging is a crucial component of the product’s success, blending functionality and sustainability seamlessly. The new range includes small 2Kg flat bottom bags and large 10Kg quad seal bags, both in PE/PE mono material structure, which offers several key advantages.

The bags crafted from eco-friendly materials meet with HOWND’s sustainability targets. The brand aims to reduce its environmental footprint by opting for packaging materials that are recyclable and environmentally responsible, whilst offering high barrier properties for the super-charged pet food and retaining great printing qualities for visual appeal.

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“Having had issues with a previous company, we were desperately in need of a reliable packaging supplier for our new range of dog food and Law Print came highly recommended from within the industry. Working with Gavin has been great, he’s really taken the time to understand our needs and advise on the best way forward. He’s quick to reply to emails or jump on an urgent call, and does everything possible to resolve issues if they crop up. I have no doubt this level of customer service and industry knowledge runs through the rest of the team and give them two huge thumbs up and a highly recommended tick for anyone else looking for a bag manufacturer. We’ve just seen our bags for the first time; it’s one thing on a computer screen but something totally different when you can hold it in your hands. Can’t wait to extend the range with these guys.”

Mark Hirschel – Commercial Director & Co-Founder

The flat bottom design ensures stability, making it easy for pet owners to store and handle the product. The bags are also resealable, preserving the freshness of the Plant-Powered Superfood and providing a hassle-free user experience. The packaging serves as a visual representation of HOWND’s commitment to quality and innovation. Eye-catching branding and informative labelling communicate the product’s key features and benefits, capturing the attention of pet owners in a crowded market.

Educational content about the recyclability of packaging material and its contribution to reducing plastic waste is integrated into their marketing strategy. HOWND leverages digital channels and in-store displays to showcase innovative packaging, creating a strong brand association between environmental responsibility and pet care.

The innovative packaging design of HOWND’s Plant Powered Superfood has garnered positive attention from both pet owners and environmentally conscious consumers. The brand’s emphasis on sustainability and convenience has contributed to increased market share and brand loyalty. The resealable and eco-friendly flat-bottom bags have become a key selling point, setting HOWND apart in a competitive landscape.

HOWND’s commitment to packaging innovation has not only elevated the brand’s environmental responsibility but has also resonated with consumers seeking both nutritional excellence and sustainability in pet food. As the pet food industry evolves, HOWND’s strategic focus on packaging as a point of differentiation positions them as leaders in providing both innovative nutrition and eco-conscious solutions for pet owners worldwide.


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my involvement in the HOWND project, seeing the concept evolve from its initial stages to the final print. Collaborative meetings with Jo and Mark provided invaluable insights into the HOWND brand, its direction, and the challenges it has overcome. It’s been a rewarding experience to contribute to the project’s success.

Every aspect had to be meticulously considered, including the introduction of a new packer for our bags. Guiding a project of this nature demands both time and unwavering dedication, from defining bag specifications to conducting trials, overseeing artwork to approving proofs, and finally, reaching the pinnacle of production. Witnessing our bags complementing the stunning artwork and enhancing the brand is truly rewarding.

Gavin Rathbone
Sales Manager

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