Tarmac It's A Doddle

Law Print has been a dependable supplier to this well-known sustainable construction solutions provider since 2016. We’ve supported Tarmac in continuously providing high-performance packaging for their innovative materials and more recently for their It’s a Doddle range.

Having developed a pack format especially for their needs, in 2020 we collaborated again to incorporate the new “It’s A Doddle” product to their versatile range of paving sands.

Same large pouch, same practical features with easy carry handle and wide pouring spout, for a great addition to the DIY supplies. Now there is no excuse to get on with those little jobs around the house!

What did we do?

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Supply Chain Logistics

When we first met with Tarmac, we discussed everything they expected their bags to be for It’s A Doddle. Construction materials are often packed in traditional standard paper sacks or polyethylene bags but neither could provide the strength, convenience and market appeal they were looking for.

The bags had to be strong, mostly to carry the weight of the materials inside. Thanks to their ready to use and clever ‘mix in the bag’ formulations, there is hardly any mess and cleaning up afterwards. The packaging, you could say, was the main point of the project – without the right packaging, the whole concept wouldn’t work.

This time around, it was a similar story, they wanted to launch the new product into the same pouch with handle, so that the customer could have an easier experience when undertaking home improvements.  Their marketing team and designer came back to us without hesitation, having developed the perfect pack format in the first place and knowing that we would meet their quality expectations.

Both ranges have been really successful in an often “hard to break” sector, where there is usually little marketing disruption.  The packaging undeniably plays a key part in this success, and Law Print was there to provide its industry-leading service and advice once again.


It is always exciting when a well-established brand in a very traditional industry such as construction comes to us wanting to disrupt the market and offer innovative packaging solutions to fit their customer-friendly retail products. The brief was clear and we delivered extremely strong bags with added features for convenience.

Conor Molyneaux
Sales Account Manager

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