With the growth of e-Commerce in the last 18 months came along some interesting opportunities for Law Print. Having successfully supplied the pet food industry over the years, we saw emerging new business models. Amongst them, our new French customer, Japhy, with a dog and cat food subscription business.

Having recently launched first with their dog food range, the online brand searched for a new packaging partner who could not only supply bags fit for purpose, but also help them move towards a more sustainable solution with PE/PE bags.

Law Print had already worked with a number of online brands and supplied suitable packaging to the unique distribution channel. This project allowed us to develop further innovations in this sector and also expand our presence in Europe at the same time.

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Japhy was established early 2020 with a small team of professionals who had a clear mission to simply provide good food for happy dogs and cats thanks to a unique concept… with a twist!

Purely online-based, the brand needed to source the perfect packaging that would complement their streamlined range – one bag per size with 2 variants each, either Chicken or Fish formulas, but would also help them grow in the French market and beyond.

Law Print ensured that this was possible with the supply of K-seal Pouches fitted with Triple Zipper printed in generic designs and made in our mono material PE structure to meet the initial brief.

Japhy provide pet parents with a straightforward service where they can order balanced food for their beloved furry animals, that will be completely tailored to their needs. By selecting their breed, age and lifestyle, the brand system comes up with a unique recipe for each dog or cat.  Delivered to the exact portion requirements and at regular intervals, the pouches have also been designed to be personalised with individual “Gaston” or “Yana” named labels and specific ingredients.

Ranging from 1Kg to 12Kg weights, Law Print created a range of pouches that could work across the board and offer consistency to the business that heavily relies on marketing, brand recognition and repeat loyalty.  With a resealable opening feature and recyclable credentials, the pouches offer the perfect combination to consumers wanting the convenience to buy from the comfort of their home, whilst maintaining the quality of products that they could experience in-store.

Like Japhy and many other businesses, Law Print has adapted and evolved with consumer trends and global market expectations by offering sustainable packaging solutions for the e-Commerce environment.

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With more than 15 years experience supplying packaging to the pet food industry, we have recently seen a shift in the offering, and the e-Commerce growth certainly gave a platform to savy business entrepreneurs. Japhy is the perfect example of a new company which saw the niche potential in a very saturated market, by responding to the consumers’ demand for online access to pet food with a unique subscription model. A pioneer in France, the brand follows suit a number of already very successful market leaders in other European countries and we are pleased to be part of the journey!

Director Carole Bayne
Carole Bayne
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