Johnston & Jeff Wild Bird Seeds

Johnston & Jeff, a company with a heritage dating back to 1880, has a long-standing commitment to birds and wildlife conservation. Their core values revolve around quality and sustainability, and that’s where Law Print ensured that their products aligned perfectly with their environmental and ethical principles.

They sought packaging solutions that not only upheld their commitment to sustainability but also provided durability and functionality. Specifically, they wanted bags that could withstand the rigours of transportation while serving as a barrier against the elements, maintaining the freshness and integrity of their products.

Law Print presented them with a variety of samples, each tailored to meet their specifications. After thorough testing, they chose a 2-ply brown Kraft paper bag. This option provided the necessary strength and resilience required for transportation while offering a natural, authentic aesthetic that resonated with Johnston & Jeff’s brand image.

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Leveraging our expertise in sustainable packaging solutions, we provided a selection of samples, including various paper bag options. Each sample was carefully crafted to address different aspects of their needs, such as strength, recyclability and grease resistance.

There were many tests conducted on the samples to evaluate their performance in real-world scenarios. Based on their feedback and observations, we refined our recommendations to ensure they met the desired criteria.  After meticulous testing and analysis, Johnston & Jeff selected the 2-ply brown Kraft paper bag as the optimal solution. This choice not only met their functional requirements but also supported their sustainability objectives and brand ethos.

When it comes to recyclability, the obvious choice seems like paper. Due to its authentic look and natural tactile characteristics, it’s no wonder paper bags are appealing to eco-conscious brands. Paper bags are normally made of a 1/2-ply paper structure, which can be widely disposed of in mainstream facilities. Hence why they are so easily recyclable and can be used for the animal feed sectors. Furthermore, it’s a favoured material because most local authorities in the UK collect paper bags in their weekly/fortnightly bin collection.

Paper bags have always been viewed as a fully recyclable and compostable solution, which they are, as long they are only made of paper. However, some products do require higher barrier properties and extended shelf-life. Consequently, these bags have to be laminated with a layer of plastic. This may cause issues in normal recycling processes and often requires plastic-coated papers to be sent to special facilities. Get in touch with us for more information and we will guide you through the options, like we did for the Johnston & Jeff wild seeds bags. We will find the perfect match to your product and your brand!


At Law Print, we work with each customer to understand both their product and their brand. It is not a case of one-size-fits-all solution, but taking the time to listen to our customer’s requirements and explore all the options together.  Whether paper or plastic, we will always consider what works best for them and will ultimately provide the packaging solution that meets their expectations. For Johnston & Jeff, the choice of a natural brown Kraft paper bag complimented the quality of their wild bird seeds product and strong business ethos.

Andrea Sblano
Business Development Manager

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