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A glance at social media is enough to confirm the craze: the lockdown has turned many of us into amateur bakers, many of whom proudly show off freshly baked sourdough loaves or banana bread.  Law Print has supplied paper bags to the flour mills for years, so when Kells approached us again but this time looking for something a bit different for their retail products and Kells Wholemeal Flour, we were delighted to help with less traditional but more convenient pouches.

At Law Print, we work with a diverse array of products and we’d been working with the Kells team way before COVID-19 created an unprecedented demand for staple food items such as flour.

When we embarked on this new project, we just knew that we could deliver a packaging solution that would certainly be different to what is more commonly used in the flour sector but that would meet Kell’s specific requirements to set apart their higher-end flour pre-mixes.

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Law Print can supply both paper and flexible packaging options – the choice is entirely up to our customers. Bakery products are traditionally packed in SOS paper bags, often heat-sealable, with or without a bottom patch, but Kells is the perfect example that sometimes you can think outside the “bag” and actually go for a pouch!
As well as meeting exacting food grade standards, we can provide fully recyclable options and are actively sourcing PEFC certified paper. If you’re unsure which option is right for you, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.
Kells knew exactly what they wanted and chose our standard laminated pouches with resealable zippers and easy tear notches for prolonged product freshness and added practicality. With a K-seal base for greater stability and a front clear window to show the product inside, the pouches were also printed in high quality Rotogravure process.

“Kells Stoneground Wholemeal, it’s all you knead”

Kells Wholemeal Flour is of excellent quality and their white self-raising flour blend contains baking powder and culinary wheat flour. It’s a powerful self-raising flour blend with no added colours, flavours or preservatives.

Demand for flour has brought welcome attention as it rose to an all-time high due to the trend of ‘lockdown baking’. It felt as if the whole of the UK and Ireland had rallied together to make the most of prolonged periods at home by baking and making their own bread and cakes.

With a shortage of flour at supermarkets, many shoppers turned to traditional local mills to get their fix, helping not just the current mills but creating the need for ancient dormant mills to grind back into life.

It’s good news all round for the flour mills as demand is still high and packaging availability has recovered. So if you’re looking to break into the market – now would be an ideal time! Are you interested in how we can help you to create beautiful yet practical packaging?

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Having worked in the flour industry for years, Law Print has supplied millions of paper bags so when Kells came to us for something different, we welcomed the challenge and couldn’t be more pleased to help them expand their The Little Mill range with classic but more convenient resealable pouches. Food products do not always have to come in traditional packaging, and this shows that going against the expected can go a long way!

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Carole Bayne
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