King Catnip

After supplying King Catnip with packaging for their first product ‘loose leaves’, it was great to work for the team again to deliver a collection of cat treats in small stand up pouches.

According to the brand, loose Catnip naturally encourages play, energetic behaviour and a sense of wellbeing. As the pet food market continues to reach new heights, more niche and specialist brands offering health benefits have disrupted the status quo.

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“Working in the pet care market, we’ve seen the growing trend for products to include claims that provide complete pet wellbeing, both physically and emotionally. King Catnip is just one of the latest brands to market to more emotional benefits.”

The new ‘Feasties’ range has the same illustrative design as the previous pouches, with the addition of matt white varnish, creating a chalk-like effect adding to the premium look and feel.

Printing on clear film allows the addition of a transparent window feature to the pouches. As shoppers are looking for more information on ingredients, sourcing and manufacturing, product windows have been increasingly adopted to help showcase the produce inside the pack.

The new range of pouches will be launching in stores this summer.


By using printed flexible packaging, brands are able to have windows of any shape or size and can adapt this within their designs. The new King Catnip treats cleverly took this into consideration with their designs, whilst reinforcing quality and brand transparency.

Account Manager Melissa Hogan-Knott
Melissa Hogan-Knott
Sales Account Manager

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