As we continue to take on new challenges in the pet food sector, our latest project saw us working with innovative Japanese company Laetitien.

The team came to Law Print, looking for packaging that would reflect the quality of their products and support their brand positioning.

Although identified as one of the largest pet food markets in the world, Japan is expected to see negative growth over the coming years. In order to maintain sales, brands are turning to trends such as premiumisation, by creating gourmet style and holistic products.

What did we do?

Materials & Manufacturing Expertise

Format Optimisation

Pre-and Post-Press Quality Management

Print & Colour Management

Supply Chain Logistics

Laetitien developed their dog and cat food lines, Mog Wan and Mog Nyan, to specifically target this more high-end luxury sector. As pets become an integral part of the family unit, Laetitien refer to their product online as ‘the best food for your precious family,’ with focus on the highest quality ingredients.

The range features complimentary pastel colours, which has been highlighted as one of the new packaging trends to watch from tradeshow reviews in 2018. This already differentiates the Laetitien brand from many of the more typical photographic led pack designs, with script like typography and flat bottom format also cementing the product as at the premium end of the spectrum.

As the brand transitioned to UK supply, we took on a smaller quantity order than their usual high volumes, so the team could visibly see the difference between their existing supplier and what Law Print could offer. We made vast improvements to print quality, maintaining the Aplix reclose feature and adding laser scoring to one of the bags for overall range consistency

From these initial orders, the transition to managing Laetitien’s regular supply of packaging has been seamless and the relationship grows from strength to strength.

[us_testimonial style=”2″ author=”Carole Bayne” company=”Sales & Marketing Director” img=”5433″]Prior to the Laetitien project, we had only dealt with the Japanese market indirectly when supporting a range extension for one of our long-standing customers. This relationship became the catalyst for our introduction to the team at Laetitien.
Since first taking on the project, we have consistently delivered a large number of bags to their UK-based packer and we are delighted to have built a strong relationship based on trust and service.[/us_testimonial]

Good packaging protects your product, but great packaging protects your brand.

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