In January 2021, McAdams came to us looking for something unique for their brand new Raw Preserve range. What they had in mind this time was vastly different from the packaging we had been providing to them for their other products, but at Law Print, we like a challenge!

As McAdams Raw Preserve is targeted to a more premium audience, they wanted something that would shout ‘luxury’ from the rooftops. They wanted bags that would turn heads and pave the way for new-to-the-market superior pet food.

We’ve been working with the McAdams team for many years, supplying their Dog and Cat food core ranges with packaging fit for purpose and to their exact requirements. Yet again, we had the perfect solution for them and the new bags are screaming “super premium”!

What did we do?

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McAdams has been undergoing a radical facelift over the past few years, with new bag formats, new features and new material choices. After relaunching their Dog and Cat dry food ranges, they naturally came back to us with this new project.  Not only we were equipped with the knowledge of past projects with them, but we could also share our expertise in film materials and print finishes to develop the intended luxury packaging.

McAdams have chosen to supply their raw preserve food in both a 500g and 2Kg triplex structure flat bottom format with an Aplix® zipper & laser scoring, to protect the high quality kibble content and ensure the required shelf-life, whilst still giving ease of use to their customers and providing the option of resealing the bag after each use.

We created bespoke ink drawdowns so McAdams and their design team could see the distinctive dark rich blue with matt varnish alongside the bronze colour. We printed the final special colours directly over the metallic film without matt varnish to give a real luxurious effect. 

McAdams Raw Preserve is a raw dog food that you can feed straight from the pack, without the need for a freezer. This is possible by using a revolutionary freeze-drying process to preserve the vitamin and protein quality, intensifying the flavour. 

A 2Kg bag of freeze-dried has 7Kg worth of raw product, so your dog is getting the very best nutrition. Made in the UK, Raw Preserve is a complete food for all dogs from 6 months old.

Thicker materials, rounded edges and features such as metallic accents, spot matt varnish and satin finishes are just some of the options we can provide that can really help packaging set itself apart from the rest, especially in a market as saturated and fast-paced as the pet food industry.

McAdams chose to feature stunning bronze metallic accents on various parts of the bags to catch the eye of customers. The bag is also made of thicker material, prompting an encouraging feeling when handling the bag. The end result is truly magnificent and reflects the product and brand in both quality and calibre.


We’ve worked with McAdams since 2016, and each time we complete a project with them we’re both left satisfied by the end product. These bags are such a statement and a testament to both ourselves and to McAdams. We are really proud of the new McAdams Raw Preserve bags, the quality of the rotogravure print is exceptional and the metallic bronze highlights give a real luxurious feel, which fits in perfectly with the McAdams new range.

Natalie Yuille
Senior Sales Account Manager

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