McAdams Pet Food

Law Print has enjoyed working with McAdams Pet Food for several years, consistently delivering high quality printed bags for their natural dog food range. Now was the time for a brand refresh with updated designs and sustainable packaging!

McAdams Dog and Cat foods use whole British free-range chickens and responsibly sourced salmon. They aim to deliver the best dog food whilst they help support ethical, cruelty-free British farming. This time around, McAdams refreshed their branding and moved from the previous non-recyclable packaging we supplied to our recyclable mono-material PE/PE bags.

To support their brand ethos, McAdams Pet Food required an improved version of the premium product packaging for their dog and cat foods and contacted Law Print to ensure the smooth delivery from concept to print of the innovative packaging to stores across the UK.

What did we do?

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The bags have added zippers which the previous bags did not have, so the consumer can now re-seal the packs, giving extra functionality and cutting down on waste even more.

The low sealing Aplix® zippers have been specially developed to suit the requirements of the PE/PE bag structure, ensuring a good sealing bond without burning the film outer layer. After working on the original “Free Range Chicken” bags, Law Print expanded the range with packaging for their ‘Free Range Chicken & Scottish Salmon’ food. They chose Flat Bottom bags for their 2Kg & 5Kg sizes but wanted their 10Kg size to go into Quad Seal bags. 

They also introduced a new cat food product range and tasked us with creating Flat Bottom bags in 375g, 1.5Kg and 3.75Kg sizes. The Flat Bottom bag enables excellent stability with a ‘box shape’ and five graphic panels available to design. It also ensures outstanding shelf presence in-store.  The Quad Seal bag was chosen for the 10Kg dog food, as this pack style was more suited to the heavier weight, whilst also maintaining on-shelf presentation and freestanding ability.

McAdams produces the only meat meal-free food made using whole British free-range chickens from DEFRA-approved, ethical farms across the UK. Other premium dog food can contain grains, stripped carcasses and a powder mix called meat meal. These are often referred to on ingredient lists as “freshly prepared” or “dried chicken”.

McAdams supplied the team at Law Print with artwork previews allowing in-house technical feedback for improvements before the final release of the files. We were able to help and amend any errors quickly and efficiently in our design facilities. Overall, the new bags provide reliability and recyclability that weren’t present with the original packaging. It goes to show the journeys many of the brands we work with go through as their businesses grow and more innovative features are available to the market.


It was great to be involved once again with the now well established McAdams range. We were working against a tight deadline but we managed to have all the bags ready to launch at PATS on time, regardless of any problems we may have faced along the way. This brand differs to the rest as its sketch-like design concept has a great effect and retains the premium image McAdams holds. It’s nice to see the brand doing so well and moving in a more sustainable direction with Law Print.

Natalie Yuille
Senior Sales Account Manager

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