Mediterranean Natural Snacks

Humanisation has driven growth in the pet food and treats sector. Our latest project with Mediterranean Natural typifies the move by pet food brands to provide solutions for pet’s holistic health, offering both physical and emotional benefits.

Modern pet owners increasingly see their pets as an integral part of family life, even viewing them more like children. As a result, owners are more willing to treat their pets, happily spending more on premium products.

This has had a visible effect on the pet food industry, with more focus on complete transparency with ingredients and manufacturing process, as well as more of a focus on offering foods that benefit pet’s health and well-being.

What did we do?

Materials & Manufacturing Expertise

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Supply Chain Logistics

The team opted for transparent gussets to allow consumers to see the products before purchasing. The matt varnish finish gave in a premium feel to the final bag and when combined with clear gussets offers a great contrast.

The new range from Mediterranean Natural focuses on what consumers would usually associate with human ingredients such as chamomile, aloe vera and artichoke with claims to provide calming and anti-ageing as well as benefits to skin, hair and joints.

One of the main concerns for the team was maintaining a long shelf life for the dried treats. We suggested the material structure KPET / LLDPE as KPET is a soft saran coated PET film which has excellent gas, moisture and vapour properties making it suitable to pack dry goods and extending shelf life.

During packing, the filled bags are gas flushed with nitrogen, eliminating the oxygen and then sealed. This helps to prolong the product shelf life, but only when used in conjunction with an appropriate material barrier to withhold nitrogen and protect the treats from oxygen.


We’re constantly taken aback at the pace of innovation in the pet food sector. Mediterranean Natural’s new range has launched at the perfect time where consumers are purchasing more health-based products for their pets. We delivered the project from concept to print in just a few weeks, all in time for the team to display the new bags at Interzoo in May 2018

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Luke Cummins
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