Mother Fluffer Car Cloths

Once in while, at Law Print we get to work on completely different projects in different industries. And this is exactly what happened when Ara Hygiene approached us to find the perfect packaging solution for their Mother Fluffer brand!

How could we resist a bit of fun with such a great sense of humour, whilst providing the service and quality that their team recognised looking at our extensive portfolio of innovative solutions.

Of course, the pouches had to be perfectly functional for the cotton cloths but the features. print and finish also had to convey the playful message and complement the “tongue in cheek” slogan!

What did we do?

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Mother Fluffer is a registered trademark of Ara Hygiene, which set out to create the perfect general purpose cleaning and polishing cloth. One that is soft, durable, absorbent and reusable. The workshop cloths are perfect for polishing, shining, wiping, cleaning, absorbing, degreasing, buffing and fluffing.

Suitable for virtually any cleaning applications which makes it one of the most versatile wiping products available, these cotton clothes were designed for the automotive industry in mind. This is why, the creative team had to come up with a large pouch format to pack the 1Kg weight worth of product.

With a carry on handle punched at the top, the convenient K-seal pouch style is robust enough for the demanding environment and a clear front window has been incorporated in the printed design to show the product inside – a simple, yet effective combination of features.

The glossy black finish, bright primary colour branding and photographic illustrations translate the powerful message that “nothing shines like a Mother Fluffer“!

Ara Hygiene is a national manufacturer and distributor of mission critical wiping products. Their aim is to support their customers to deploy safe task specific wiping solutions that are sustainable, cost effective and fit for purpose.

They are proud to work in close collaboration with industry partners and focus on developing new wiping and hygiene innovations that create process efficiency for their clients.

Quality is ingrained in the business offering and, as much as Law Print does, they also value lasting relationships and strive to build confidence and trust through their people, products and processes. We couldn’t agree more and are pleased that they chose us to be their packaging partner.


It’s always exciting when we are approached by customers from new industries or with products we haven’t worked with before. It was even more so when I started to work on the artwork with Connor. The humour within the brand and the artwork is clever… it certainly grabs your attention! It was a pleasure helping him throughout the process, helping to choose the correct format, features and finish. The finished product looks brilliant and we love the Mother Fluffer slogans!

Conor Molyneaux
Sales Account Manager

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