In 2023, Sniffers Pet Care launched their new flagship brand NAW. Having supplied the original Buffalo range of pet treats, Law Print was asked to collaborate with their team once again.

When creating NAW, they recognised the need to upgrade their packaging to reflect their brand values and attract more customers. The new range needed to have visual appeal and effectively communicate the brand’s commitment to natural ingredients. Sniffers also wanted a packaging solution that was sustainable and aligned with their goals.

Working closely with Law Print, Sniffers Pet Care embarked on a strategic journey to revamp its whole packaging. We offered an initial consultation and ultimately provided a solution tailored to the company’s specific needs. The new NAW treats pouch made of high barrier MDOPE and LLDPE with 30% recycled content was born!

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Sniffers Pet Care has been operating as a business since 1972. They’ve been steadily growing its market presence through word-of-mouth and online sales. They’re a company specializing in providing high-quality pet food. Their commitment to using only the finest ingredients has garnered them a loyal customer base.

Small and large pouches were developed for NAW with designs that featured vibrant colours, engaging graphics, and clear messaging highlighting the natural aspect of the treats. The new packaging solutions were designed to accommodate both small and large quantities of treats, providing flexibility for customers with varying needs.

Law Print utilised sustainable materials and printing processes, ensuring that the new packaging aligned with Sniffers’ sustainability goals. Both teams worked closely to conceptualize packaging designs that captured the essence of the new NAW Natural Dog Treats’ brand identity.

We produced GMG proofs of the new packaging for approval, allowing Sniffers Pet Care to provide feedback and make necessary adjustments. Once the final designs were approved, we commenced full-scale production of the new packaging, which was then rolled out across NAW Natural Dog Treats’ full product range. The collaboration between Sniffers Pet Care and ourselves yielded significant results.

The bold and visually appealing packaging stands out on retail shelves, attracting the attention of pet owners and driving sales. The use of sustainable materials and processes helped Sniffers reduce its environmental footprint and meet with consumer preferences for eco-conscious brands. By leveraging our expertise in design and sustainability, Sniffers Pet Care was able to elevate its packaging strategy, thereby strengthening its position in the competitive pet food market.


The meaningful collaboration between Sniffers Pet Care and Law Print & Packaging has been highly rewarding. Assisting them in emphasizing vibrant design and sustainable practices to elevate their NAW Natural Dog Treats brand has been an absolute pleasure for me.

Andrea Sblano
Business Development Manager

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