Naturea Small Packaging Law Print Pack
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New cat food pouch for Naturea

October 11, 2016

Successful European pet food company Naturea decided to expand their ‘Lands Cat & Kitten’ range by introducing a new 350g sized pouch. Up until now, the salmon flavoured product was only available in 2kg and 7kg sized bags. For the launch of their new, smaller size and having produced previous lines in this range, Law Print & Packaging Management Ltd were chosen for the project.

As a flexible packaging specialist, Law Print & Packaging offer a wide range of bespoke packaging solutions. They have delivered high-quality bags to Naturea for almost two years and have provided several other bags in a further 6 ranges. This new doypack was a first for Law Print to produce for Naturea. With rounded corners, a matt finish and metallic inner layer, the pouches sustained the premium image that Naturea hold. The stand-up pouch also comes with easy-open cuts so that the consumer can easily tear open the pouch.
Luke Cummins, Sales Manager at Law Print, says “working with Law Print & Packaging provides peace of mind that packaging sourcing, regulation, quality and logistics are taken care of, through a single point of contact; allowing businesses to focus on other areas”.

The bold & vibrant colours were printed rotogravure and Law Print used their colour management system to further ensure colour consistency throughout the range.
João Nazaré, Brand Manager at Naturea, said that they are pleased with the new pouches and are “very happy with the result”. The pouches will be delivered into store next week and look to give promising results.