Ozers Vegan Protein Powder

Along with other emerging players in this booming market, ØZERS is on a real mission to change sports nutrition. As more protein brands are now choosing flexible packaging instead of rigid tubs, at Law Print we are at the top of our game to offer a wide range of solutions fit for purpose.

By moving away from rigid packaging, our new French customer wanted not only to provide its end users with convenience but also ensure that the top quality product remains fresher for longer.

Weighing out all the options, conventional pouches with metallised PET material, Aplix zipper and laser scoring was the clear winner, and the finished packs are bold, vibrant and clearly here to pack a punch!

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As health supplements and protein powders become widely adopted by the mass market, brands are looking for ways to bring target audiences closer, and this includes the use of packaging such as Stand Up Pouches or Flat Bottom bags. It has been reported by various health sector packaging and design professionals that these formats give more mass-market appeal than the traditional masculine tubs associated with sports nutrition. 

ØZERS is a start-up from Lille, France, created by a young engineer and professional boxer. Maxence Damarey wanted to create a solution to his own problem and that of many others: find good sports nutrition products to improve his performance, without compromising to the detriment of his health and ethics.

“Law Print Pack has been very reactive and flexible. Their priority was to find the best fit for us. We were very happy with the work, and we have received high quality packaging for our products.”

From the initial concept stages, ØZERS highlighted the importance of using Black and Green throughout the range design as the main branding colours. Black is often associated to premium sports nutrition branding, which follows set ‘design cues’ guiding consumers to products on the shelf. By choosing a matt finish, it also adds an extra layer to the design.

It was therefore important that the printing technique we used for the pouches would keep the colours true to their original form. Rotogravure does exactly that, ensuring a vibrant result, yet with a smooth finish. The perfect combination helps them stand out on-shelf, which is absolutely essential in an already over-saturated market.

As protein powders and sports supplements sales show no sign of slowing down across Europe, brands are now seeing the benefits of stand-up pouches, that are more suited for the convenience-driven, on-the-go consumer. Moreover, they are available in a large range of sizes and options, which again is a huge selling point for brands looking at growing globally and reducing their carbon footprint. 


In the last few years, the sports nutrition sector has grown outside its usual boundaries. Traditionally products developed for the body building world, it has branched out to many product categories, including supplements and nutritional shakes for athletes and health conscious consumers alike. With a wide array of flavours and dietary options, the protein powder sector has literally been revolutionised to suit new mass market needs. Following the trends, flexible packaging has also replaced rigid packaging for many brands, who can see the benefits of pouches – lightweight, convenience, resealable and overall more user friendly when on the go. Ozers came to Law Print for a solution fit for purpose and we certainly delivered!

Director Carole Bayne
Carole Bayne
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