High strength laminated PE/PE structure for a more sustainable plastic solution.

PE/PE Bags and Stand-Up Pouches are recyclable due to the mono-material structure. Polyethylene (PE) printed film is laminated to another layer of polyethylene (PE) providing strength and durability.

Key Benefits of PE/PE Bags & Pouches

  • PE/PE is 100% recyclable due to mono material structure
  • Printed gravure up to 9 colours
  • Available in sizes up to 20Kg
  • Heat sealable closure
  • Available with 100% gloss finish or 100% matt finish

Sustainable Packaging

The majority of plastic used in packaging is notoriously difficult to recycle due to multi layered films and complex structures. Due to its mono film structure, PE/PE bags and stand-up pouches can be recycled at the end of use, contributing to a more circular economy.

PE PE Recyclable Stand Up Pouch Law Print Pack

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