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 There’s a reason why our customers trust us to deliver quality packaging time and time again


Paper Sacks


We supply a range of paper sacks in a range of sizes up to 12kg. These paper sacks are perfect for bulky food products, pet feeds as well as industrial products such as charcoal.

Kraft Paper Bags


Kraft Paper Bags or SOS Paper Bags are suitable for food items such as sugar, flour, rice, popcorn and potatoes to name a few! At Law Print we provide a wide range of paper and packaging features such as handles and windows to help your product stand out in store.

Kraft Paper Pouches


If you are looking for authentic natural finish then kraft paper pouches may be perfect for you. From granola to confectionery stand up pouches can be the ideal solution to showcase your products in a more convenient format.

Our Promise To You

Fully food grade approved

All our packaging is suitable for contact with food and meets exacting food grade standards.

Great Savings

As agents for Europe’s leading paper bag manufacturer, Fiorini International we can offer flexible and competitive pricing

Eco Friendly Options

We provide fully recyclable options, sourcing FSC Certified Paper as well as PLA Liners for compostable packaging

So don’t be shy. Contact our friendly team.

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