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At Law Print, we have supplied quality packaging to our loyal customers for many years. Pettex is one of those clients who has trusted us since the beginning. They know they can rely on our service levels and recognise our expertise in packaging. It never fails them!

We have worked with Pettex since 2011 on various pet product projects. This time around, we helped them move their Pets At Home branded products into recyclable PE/PE bags. We had previously provided bags for the premium aquarium gravel, which were produced in a standard non-recyclable plastic structure.

The brief was clear – make their current 2KG and 8KG bags recyclable without losing quality and strength. So when meeting with Pettex, we looked at different recyclable options. They wanted a bag that was sustainable to meet the expectations of their customers, but that would also be strong enough to hold the weight of the gravel product. It also needed to be heat-sealable and sturdy to stand alone on shelf. 

What did we do?

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Aquarium Gravel by Pets at Home is the ideal way to enhance the appearance of your aquarium for creative and striking tank displays. It’s great for creating decorative in-tank displays, an excellent planting medium, thanks to its finer stone size. The colourfast resin coating will significantly reduce dye leakage into your tanks water, it will not affect the pH balance of your tank and is made from selected silicate aggregates.

Flexible Stand-Up Pouches are being used more often for these types of applications because of their many benefits. They’re lightweight and easily transportable, compact in size but strong enough to hold many different weights without compromising on quality or looks.

As always, we went through the standard procedures which involve providing trial samples to test and make sure Pettex were completely happy before we moved to production and to double-check the bags were up to the challenge of holding 2KG and 8KG of gravel. All this was done in a matter of weeks to ensure stock levels were not impacted and the transition to the new packaging was seamless.

We have worked with Pets at Home before, providing bags for other pet categories, and they have experienced first hand our professionalism, industry knowledge and drive for perfection.

Usually, a new project also means a new challenge! However, changing clients’ bags over to recyclable from non-recyclable packaging is something we have been doing for a couple of years now, so much so that we can guide you through the pitfalls and recommend what is best for your products and your industry.

Pettex went for a switch in structure to a recyclable format whilst still keeping the high-quality original artwork and without having to pay for new set-up costs. They decided to change from traditional multi-layered plastic bags to 100% recyclable single polymer PE pouches that still provide the strength to protect the gravel. The bags are heat-sealable after packing – customers simply cut the top off the bag and use the gravel as required. No mess, easy to use and sustainable!

With understanding their preferences and being able to turn projects around quickly, we are confident that our relationship with Pettex will last for many more years to come. So, if you’re looking for a trusted partner and need similar packaging for your brand, let us know – we’re here to help.


Pets at Home are one of the biggest retailers within the industry and we are delighted that Pettex has chosen Law Print as a trusted supplier of the PAH aquarium gravel packaging for the last 10 years. We couldn’t wait to help them take the next steps towards their sustainable future by providing 100% recyclable packaging for their aquarium gravel.

Conor Molyneaux
Sales Account Manager

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