The demand for sustainable products has exploded over the last couple of years, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down. At Law Print, we’ve been able to witness this exponential growth across industries, especially in the pet care sector. Pettex was no exception with their new Naturecat Tofu Cat Litter product.

Law Print has worked with Pettex since 2011. During the last decade, we’ve created various bags for their brand, including for products such as aquarium gravel and vivarium sand, which are used mainly for our non-furry friends. 

This time, they approached us to provide the packaging for an innovative cat litter, one that has all the hallmarks of a successful sustainable initiative. The natural product required a 100% recyclable packaging solution, and we just delivered that and much more!

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Pettex Naturecat Tofu Cat Litter is plant-based and derived from pure soya beans. Friendly to the planet and 100% biodegradable, Naturecat is a sustainably sourced, eco-cat litter that was developed for fast absorption, super clumping and low tracking.

When we met with the Pettex team, we immediately looked at the different recyclable options available. Our Ready2Recycle sustainable range is a popular choice and ticked all the boxes for this project, so there was no doubt that this would be a great fit.

After providing them with trial samples to test, we created a large 10L recyclable pouch in mono material PE/PE. When Pettex were fully ready to move to the production part of the launch, the bags were made to the exact specifications and delivered to be filled in just a matter of weeks.

Like many of our customers, we have a long-standing relationship with Pettex. We understand their preferences and know that we need to be able to turn projects around quickly for them. More importantly, they know we’re also leading experts in high-quality sustainable packaging and we’ve always delivered on projects for them!

We were keen to ensure we could supply recyclable packaging solutions with the minimum plastic used to ensure maximum sustainability, whilst still providing the required protection that a product like cat litter needs.

The use of matt film also gives a soft touch to the bags which complements the soft texture of the cat litter itself – absolutely paw-fect!


Pettex got in touch to tell us about their new Pettex Naturecat Tofu Cat Litter, a 100% natural, sustainably sourced, eco-cat litter.  The artwork looked fantastic and had a very different approach from the other products in our portfolio. We had already started to supply Pettex with recyclable packaging throughout 2021 and they were thrilled with the results and quality. With that being said, it was an easy decision when choosing the packaging for this eco-friendly cat litter – 100% natural product and 100% recyclable packaging!

Conor Molyneaux
Sales Account Manager

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