Complete Dry Pet Food

After 4 successful projects, Law Print Pack were tasked yet again by the packer of Sainsburys Core Dry Pet Foods to manage the packaging supply for their relaunch this month.

The new range is another fantastic example of retailer’s investing in own label product to compete with market disrupters, using bold colours and distinctive packaging design to stand out on the shelf.

Packaging optimisation was key for Sainsbury’s moving into 2018 and so the switch was made to flat bottom format for the entire core dry pet foods range.

What did we do?

Materials & Manufacturing Expertise

Format Optimisation

Pre-and Post-Press Quality Management

Print & Colour Management

Supply Chain Logistics

Flat bottom bags require less material than the standard quad seal format traditionally seen across pet food. The packaging structure also utilises space more effectively, allowing for the same volume of product. The new bags have all the on-shelf advantages of printed cartons, offering a stable, free-standing structure with 5 graphic panels for increased branding.

From the initial concept stages, the packaging team at Sainsbury’s highlighted the need to create a convenient and reclosable pack. The new range includes a single lip zip to encourage consumers to re-close and keep the food fresher for longer. Law Print Pack also introduced the use of laser scoring to the packaging to create an easy open tear strip for ease of use.

The new range concept is bold, vibrant and eye-catching. Law Print Pack printed the designs in rotogravure, including the spot matt varnish emphasising the new premium image & highlighting key focal points.


With the range now expanding to a total of 19 SKUs, it was crucial for colours to remain consistent. At Law Print Pack, we have a strong colour management process in place that allows us to meet our customers’ expectations and deliver designs to their full potential. We know how important a design is to a brand’s image, so we have a committed team throughout the entire project from pre-artwork to overseeing production at the manufacturing site.

Melissa Hogan-Knott
Sales Account Manager

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