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Following a series of conversations, Stoats chose Law Print & Packaging Management to tear away from the traditional format and deliver a new range of flexible packaging for their ever-so popular porridge oats.

Stoats is an independent bakery supplying a range of porridge and oat-based snack products across the UK.

Starting off making porridge in a food truck for festival goers, Stoats now run a bustling bakery in Edinburgh where they provide wholesome, hearty food. In addition, their products are stocked in various local supermarkets.

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The cereal category is one of the latest food products to make the move to flexible packaging and Stoats saw an opportunity to move away from traditional boxes with plastic liners to flexible stand up pouches.

Liners are required to keep produce fresher for longer, as they are a better barrier for air and moisture than just solely paper or cardboard. A key benefit of the pouches is their heat-sealable closure, which ensures freshness remains as packaging becomes air tight once packed.

We added a re-sealable opening onto the pouches, which isn’t an option with your typical boxes/cartons. This feature was another attribute added to preserve freshness­. An important requirement when the contents is 750g in size and meant for multiple servings, not single use.

The added convenience of flexible packaging fulfils the consumers need for on-the-go, speedy options. Additionally, consumers seeking full transparency when it comes to ingredients and good company values, can get behind the Stoats brand.

Stoats is committed to using whole natural ingredients and minimising the impact the business has on the environment. They are currently the biggest cereal bar manufacturer in the UK to commit to using plastic-free packaging.

Stoats has also printed a new on-pack message across its range: ‘With this pack you’re giving back’. The call to action is designed to show how a portion of the sale of each Stoats product goes to four charities chosen by consumers every quarter.

Stoats believed one of the best ways to reflect their commitment to sustainability was by opting for our Ready 2 Recycle range of flexible plastic packaging as the mono film structure is deemed recyclable.

It was important the bags maintained a quality finish, which was made possible by specifying a matt treated film. The “Soft Touch” matt PE film printed rotogravure is effective as it achieves a high-quality print and matt finish, giving the packaging a premium look, unlike many low-cost looking high gloss plastics.

The project was also a great success for Law Print, as we beat our usual 10-week lead time, taking 9 weeks from artwork approval to delivery to customer.

You can find Stoats porridge oats and more of their products here or in Tesco, Waitrose and Ocado.


By opting for flexible packaging rather than the traditional structure of a sachet within a cardboard box, companies are able to reduce their carbon footprint as well as costs across the supply chain. Stoats went that one step further with a fully recyclable pouch which is the current trend for almost every brand. The more brands who come on board with our Ready 2 Recycle range means the more pressure there is on mainstream recycling infrastructures to up their game.

Account Manager Melissa Hogan-Knott
Melissa Hogan-Knott
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