Triple Lion Basmati Rice

Amongst key food industries, Law Print has worked with a growing number of rice brands.  The latest addition, Triple Lion Basmati Rice, is a large catering foods supplier that was introduced to us by one of the packers we already deliver bags to – another referral success story!

SPL Foods are a dedicated foodservice supplier that sources the finest produce worldwide. The Triple Lion range was initially launched in the early ’90s to mark the beginning of a new era for SPL.  Clearly, it now needed a well-deserved brand refresh.

This time, Law Print brought their expertise to the table, having developed pack formats especially for the rice market, that could withstand heavy weights and protect high-value basmati rice products.

What did we do?

Materials & Manufacturing Expertise

Format Optimisation

Pre-and Post-Press Quality Management

Print & Colour Management

Supply Chain Logistics

From a humble post-war butchery and poultry background, this family run business grew into a food service supplier over decades and ultimately transformed itself into an international commodity trading company.  To this day, one of its core activities is still rice milling, in particular the well-known varieties of rice such as basmati and long grain.

The Triple Lion brand was first born to give the whole product range a sense of unity.  It now needed a complete overhaul with Law Print not only providing new bag styles and features, but also fully printed designs for each of these varieties.  Punched out carry handles and clear front windows would add a modern twist and touch of convenience to the fantastic upgrade!
Moving away from mostly clear bags to beautiful high-quality packaging meant that the brand could now compete online and in a retail environment. The subtle rice field background and natural hessian effect complement the whole range re-design, without losing the original Triple Lion logo.
SPL came to us for both our packaging and packing expertise in the field and not only we delivered bags that the packer knew they could run through their lines without issues but bags that would take the customer’s brand to the next stage in their growth.

“Law Print was introduced to us as an expert in rice packaging by our packer. We have found the whole experience easy and we are very pleased with the quality of the bags.”


“Having worked on other projects for the same rice packer, it’s been great to see how well our packaging has worked with SPL following the recommendation. When they were first pointed in our direction, it was clear to see why. Our experience in supplying quad seal bags for rice products was crucial in guiding SPL through the design & packaging process.”

Sam Gilmour
Sales Account Manager

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