VetSpec are experienced nutritionists with a wide range of supplements already well known in the market.

This summer VetSpec launched a new hypoallergenic cereal grain free range of super premium complete dog foods.

The range has been designed to incorporate the existing supplements into super premium foods without the nutrient damage caused by high-temperature manufacturing.

What did we do?

Materials & Manufacturing Expertise

Format Optimisation

Pre-and Post-Press Quality Management

Print & Colour Management

Supply Chain Logistics

Our Solution

We worked with the team at Vet Spec to develop the range of premium 2kg and 12kg bags.

The 2kg bags included a reseal label that has proven a success with previous customers, adding a great convenience aspect to the packaging.

As the body of the bags are printed separately to the gussets, we amended the artwork layouts for optimum results in print.

[us_testimonial style=”2″ author=”Luke Cummins” company=”Sales Manager” img=”5441″]“It was a pleasure working with the team at VetSpec on their first venture into the dog food market.  We are glad that our experience played to their advantage and we were able to add valuable insight at all stages of the print process.”[/us_testimonial]

 See the new range online here!

The 12kg quad seal bags were printed rotogravure with matt varnish and have a folded bottom.

Our team proofed all artworks with a fine-tooth comb, highlighting text amendments ensuring that all font would be legible and clear. We also worked closely with our design agency to provide packaging translations to add to the bags for global markets.

The range caters for puppies through to senior formulas, with bold differentiating colours representing the different products.

Good packaging protects your product, but great packaging protects your brand.

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