Wainwright's Freeze Dried
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When it comes to pet food trends, one stands out in particular: the surge of freeze-dried pet food and treats. As a brand dedicated to innovations within both health and flavour, Wainwright’s has recently extended their range with freeze-dried products, and they approached Law Print for packaging that could also reflect this.

Wainwright’s required a packaging solution that marries both functionality and sustainability, opting for Flat Bottom Bags and Stand Up Pouches to house their premium freeze-dried kibble and toppers, in conventional and recyclable structures respectively.

Meeting with their packing team, it was obvious that they already had many ideas as to what they wanted to achieve, and it was essential for us to understand the high barrier requirements of such products. From initial ideas to the final product, we were there to help and guide them through the whole selection process.

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While freeze-dried products offer exceptional shelf life and can keep their nutrients, they are only as good as the packaging that preserves them. This is where we come in, collaborating closely with the Wainwright’s packing team to design the perfect packaging solutions. The 150g and 500g Puppy Freeze Dried Chicken products require a high barrier film structure to ensure maximum protection and freshness. Hence, a combination of PET / PET met / LLDPE materials is used to safeguard the delicate contents.

On the other hand, the Toppers Chicken and Lamb Pieces, akin to culinary dust for our pets’ meals, call for a different approach. We supplied the pouches in MDOPE/EVOH PE, a recyclable option that aligns with sustainability goals without compromising product integrity. This thoughtful selection maintains the freshness of the toppers and shows Wainwright’s commitment to environmental responsibility, whenever possible.

Freeze-dried pet food has been gaining significant traction in recent years, and for good reason. This process involves freezing the food and slowly removing the moisture through sublimation, leaving behind a lightweight, shelf-stable product packed with nutrients and flavour. It’s a method that ensures minimal nutrient loss compared to traditional cooking methods, making it a hit among pet owners seeking premium nutrition for their furry companions.

Stand-up pouches offer a smart packaging solution for freeze-dried toppers, seamlessly blending convenience with freshness. These pouches are designed to stand upright on shelves, maximising visibility and space utilisation. Their sturdy structure ensures protection from external elements, safeguarding the integrity of the delicate freeze-dried contents inside.

With customisable designs and sizes, stand-up pouches not only provide practicality but also serve as a canvas for branding and product information, capturing the attention of consumers in the bustling aisles of grocery stores. Whether it’s for adding a flavourful crunch to pet food or enhancing the texture, these pouches keep freeze-dried toppers crisp and dogs looking for more!


Already a well established trend in North America, freeze dried pet food products have gained in popularity in the UK and Europe over the last couple of years, with several retailers and brands introducing this specialist product to their range. Wainwright’s is a prime example with not only the addition of a kibble option, but also the launch of  a dust topper to enhance traditional pet food.  Coming from a completely different process to extruded pet food and being extremely sensitive to oxygen and moisture, packaging for the more premium freeze dried food requires high barrier properties. Law Print has developed a strong relationship with the food manufacturer and works very closely with their team to specify the most suitable packaging solution for each project.

Gavin Rathbone
Sales Manager

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